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Israeli Researchers Make Top 50

{image_1}Three Israeli researchers from Tel Aviv University have been named on the Scientific American list of 50 top leaders in the field of research, policymaking, and business.

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Israeli Cowboys in America

{image_1}A group of six Israeli cowboys will soon depart on a unique journey across the United States aimed at marking Israel’s 60th anniversary and raising awareness to the historic date in the American media. The six travellers will be riding on Israeli born-and-raised horses and carry Israeli flags with them. They plan to cross the country from north to south, possibly taking the Continental Divide National Trail, leading from the Canadian border to the Mexican one through the Rocky Mountains. On the way, they will stop over in Jewish and Christian Zionist communities.

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The Bridge of Strings—Jerusalem’s New Gateway

{image_1}Construction on the Bridge of Strings at the entrance to Jerusalem is expected to take another seven months. The NIS 135 million [US $36.5 million] bridge, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, will be built on concrete supports covered in Jerusalem stone, above which will hang a steel and glass structure.

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Remembering Miracles

{image_1}“In Israel, in order to be a realist, you must believe in miracles.”

David Ben Gurion

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Maccabi Tel Aviv Enters Hall of Fame

{image_1}Israel’s championship winning basketball team Maccabi Tel Aviv is to be honored at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in the US, as part of celebrations for Israel’s 60th anniversary in May, according to Ynet News. The team, which won championships in Israel and Europe (including the Champions Cup on five occasions), will be the first Israeli team to be presented in an exhibition at the Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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Israel Wins Big in Special Olympics

{image_1}Thirty-nine Israeli Special Olympic athletes brought home 36 medals (10 gold, 16 silver, and 10 bronze) from the International Special Olympics World Summer Games in Shanghai, China, in October, 2007. Israel was one of 165 participating countries, and out of 25 possible sports, the team took part in eight events: bowling, cycling, judo, soccer, swimming, tennis, table tennis, and track and field. Jewish pride and support for the team was exemplified by the Chinese Jews of Shanghai, who raised US $20,000 for them and supplied each athlete with a uniform and sneakers.

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“Agro-Housing” A Residential Greenhouse

{image_1}The massive upsurge of people toward the cities creates severe humanitarian problems, as well as environmental issues. Severe overcrowding makes it difficult to provide suitable sanitation and places a strain on energy resources. The movement of workers toward city centers increases air pollution and disrupts the quality of life and health of the residents.

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Bridges for Peace Named a “Shining Light”

{image_1}MinistryWatch.com has named Bridges for Peace one of 30 “Shining Light” Christian ministries for 2007. MinistryWatch.com compiles an annual list of 30 ministries—from nearly 500 ministries—which demonstrated outstanding effectiveness and efficiency in their ministry and financial operations.

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Crane Visits Increase 30%

{image_1}Cranes have become familiar guests at Hula Lake. During Israel’s autumn and winter months (October to March), there is an average of 10,000–30,000 cranes at the lake every day. Recently, a new daily record was set at Hula Lake—41,600 cranes in one day, as compared to last year’s record of 32,000, a 30% increase! They migrate from Europe to Africa and back, passing through the Hula on their way. Their habitat is primarily swamp areas and quicksand.

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Leggy Beauty

{image_1}Denise the giraffe and her new baby are wowing the crowds at the Ramat Gan Safari Park in Israel. Denise, now seventeen years old, gave birth to her tenth calf, following a fifteen-month pregnancy. Mother and child are left to their own devices in a small, covered enclosure. Safari’s veterinary staff says, from their observation, the new calf looks very well. After all, Denise has had a lot of previous experience with her previous offspring! In fact, it is likely that Denise will break the world record for giraffe births in captivity. The previous record was 10 calves before age 20.

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