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War on Children

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Winter Warmth for Syrian Refugees

Syrian boy and his grandmother in a refugee camp When thousands of Syrian refugees receive cartons packed with warm blankets, clothes and sleeping bags, they might well be surprised to learn that the winter gear was collected by dozens of Israeli students and IDF [Israel Defense Forces] employees at an army base in northern Israel.

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Israeli Hospital Saves Syrian Lives

For the past three years, death has become a way of life for Syrian civilians, who are caught in the throes of a brutal civil war. Last year, the Israel Defense Forces [IDF] set up a field hospital to treat wounded Syrian civilians near the northern border. Regardless of the tense relations between Israel and

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Unprecedented Collection of Religious Texts Unveiled

{image_1}The parchment looks fragile, and holes dot the page, but the letters are as clear as when they were written 1,500 years ago. A piece of a prayer that at one time was meticulously set onto papyrus by a scribe, this is one of more than 200 ancient biblical objects that fill a hall in the Bible Lands Museum in an exhibit titled “The Book of Books,” where visitors come face-to-face with almost 2,000 years of history.

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Future IDF Commanders Aid Elderly during Snow Storm

{image_1}Dozens of soldiers from the Paratroopers, Golani, Kfir, Givati and Nachal Brigades who are enrolled in the officer-training course were activated as support units during the weekend's storm [which dumped up to 60 cm (23.6 in) on the capital. Thousands were without electricity for up to four days].

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Where Hebrew and Arabic Go Hand in Hand

{image_1}“Hand in Hand” in Jerusalem is a bilingual school for Jewish and Arab students. The staff in each of the four schools in the network is equally balanced between Arab and Jewish principals and teachers. Every class is co-taught by teachers from both languages, and respect is the guiding principle.

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Bomb-Proof Backpack for Children

{image_1}An Israeli designer has created a bomb-proof backpack that its designer says will protect all vital organs from the impact of an explosion with 19 layers of Kevlar fabric, the same material used in flak jackets. The British Daily Mail reported that designer Hila Raam is targeting the Israeli market, but the steep price (more than US $450) might be a deterrent. According to the report, in the event of an attack, the child must simply pull side straps and yellow strings from the hood to effectively create a personal bomb shelter.

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Dozens of Judaica Items Unveiled

{image_1}A town near Strasbourg unveiled dozens of Judaica items hidden before the Holocaust and discovered during the renovation of a former synagogue. They had been hidden at what is now the new cultural center of Dambach-la-Ville, a town of 2,000 in eastern France.

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History Course Online

{image_1}Tel Aviv University (TAU)—Israel's largest and most comprehensive institution of higher learning—is home to over 30,000 students studying in nine faculties and over 125 schools and departments across the spectrum of sciences, humanities and the arts. During the upcoming academic year, TAU will be offering two online history courses within the framework of Coursera—an education company that partners with the top universities and organizations in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.

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Tel Aviv Free WiFi

{image_1}Tel Aviv has long called itself Israel’s “Startup City” for innovation and creativity. With more than 600 tech startups in its 20 square miles [52 sq km], the municipality is on a digital mission to keep the White City online and accessible all the time.

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Israeli Technion—7th Best College for Tech CEOs

{image_1}A new ranking published by the American financial media company Bloomberg includes the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology among the world's top 10 academic institutions whose graduates lead companies with a market value of more than US $1 billion. The Technion made it to seventh place alongside the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Rice University and the University of Texas, Austin. Princeton, Stanford and Harvard universities top the list. The Technion is the only institution on the list located outside the United States.

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