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Explore Jerusalem with the President

In honor of Jerusalem Day Jerusalem culture center Beit Avi Chai released an application that will enable one to follow guided walks of Jerusalem, arranged by different subjects. One can choose to follow the pursuit of the fictional Tamar from Someone to Run With through the alleys of Nahalat Shiva, listen to Ehud Banai’s songs

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Israel Aid Teams Bring Relief to Disaster-stricken Japan

Once again, Israelis were the first on the ground, bringing much-needed relief in response to two devastating earthquakes that shook Japan’s Kumamoto province in April of this year. Nearly 50 people were killed and thousands injured by the powerful quakes. The tremors resulted in dangerous landslides and caused large-scale damage to roads, bridges and other

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Scrolls Survived Holocaust

Three Books of Esther scrolls that survived the Holocaust and were read on Purim were recently discovered in a hidden synagogue at the Warsaw ghetto, which was found after a wall in an old building in the ghetto collapsed. The scrolls were found by researchers at the Shem Olam Institute, also known as the Faith

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Israel’s Hot Cure for Lethal Radiation

Pluristem Therapeutics, a Haifa based Israeli company, is developing a treatment therapy for patients who have been exposed to lethal doses of radiation, for instance in a nuclear terror attack or accidents at power plants. By definition, lethal radiation is a level that would kill 70% of the exposed population. Clinical trials on large animals

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Iranian Doctor Makes Aliyah

Dr. Shahab Davidfor, a 32-year-old Iranian Jew, always wanted to be a doctor. After graduating from high school in Isfahan, Iran, he studied medicine and at the end of his internship he joined the Iranian army, serving for a year and a half. Iran is a very religious country and not a great lover of

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David’s Sling: Will Handle Multiple Threats

During Operation Protective Edge the world became aware of Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system used to intercept and destroy short-range rockets, artillery shells and mortars to protect its civilians. In just 50 days, Hamas militants fired nearly 5,000 rockets and mortars from the Gaza Strip at Israeli targets. The Iron Dome proved invaluable, achieving

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Saving Water—in the Israel Navy

March 25, 2016

Friday, 25 March, 2016 | On March 22, the world marked International Water Day, addressing primarily the importance of water conservation. The IDF has in recent years attached great importance to saving water and the optimal green use of this scarce resource. As part of this effort, the Israeli Navy has launched several projects, most

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Tourists Undeterred

As the tales of nearly daily terror attacks on Israeli civilians and security personnel continue to demand media attention across the globe, international tourists remain undeterred in their desire to visit the Land of Promise. In fact, according to statistics released by the Central Bureau of Statistics, October 2015 proved a record-breaking month as far

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Epic Mountain Bike Race

With no cancellations and an increase of 250 riders from last year’s race, close to 1,000 riders, including 58 professional international riders from abroad, participated in the three-day event that journeys through biblical landscapes and breathtaking views. Epic Israel is designed for mountain bikers who love the hours on the saddle, the spectacular views of

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Solving the Global Water Crisis

Experts, it seems, are unanimous that the world is facing one of its worst water crises in decades. With California, Brazil, North Korea, Puerto Rico, South Africa and India suffering in the grips of the most devastating drought in recent history, water shortages could soon result in teetering governmental systems, displaced populations and ultimately, political

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