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Good News

Tax Exemptions for Israeli Food

{image_1}GOOD NEWS for Israeli food manufacturers: As of January 1, 2010, food products exported to Europe have been tax exempt. The products include chocolate, pastries, waffles, pasta, coffee, fruit juice concentrates, marshmallow, fresh salads, and more. As a result, the prices of Israeli products in European markets could be reduced, increasing their competitiveness. So far, the exports of Israeli processed foods have been exported to Europe under restrictions of high levies, preventing their exports in some cases.

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Tops in Technology


FIVE ISRAELI FIRMS have been chosen as examples of companies whose clean technology investments are shaping tomorrow’s world. The Cleantech Group together with the British newspaper The Guardian announced the Global Cleantech 100—the first ever awards to highlight the most promising clean technology startup companies around the world. The five companies made Israel the only country in the Middle East to have firms nominated and placed the country in fourth place overall in its total number of companies, coming after the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

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Back to the Wall

{image_1}www.israelimages.com / Marel Stanton

 WHILE ON A TOUR IN ISRAEL, a tourist from the Philippines, Ruth Castro (71), found out that her house had been totally demolished by a typhoon—including a much-loved grand piano. Was she devastated? Not the least bit. The unflappable pilgrim was convinced that her “cup runneth over.” Where did she run to thank Jesus for sending her on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land at such a perilous hour, saving her from certain death? 

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Don’t Boycott—BUYcott


UNOFFICIAL BOYCOTTS OF ISRAELI PRODUCTS or Israeli culture are a global issue, but if one Canadian group has its way, each new boycott will have the opposite effect. The Buycott Israel initiative, launched by the Canada–Israel Committee and their partners, is attempting to submit notices wherever a boycott of Israel is occurring, through the Internet and a global email list, so people can support Israel by purchasing the boycotted product.

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September Rainfall, Most in 50 Years


{image_1}www.israelimages.com / Michael Levit

ACCORDING TO DR. AMOS PORAT, head of the Climatology Department of the Israel Meteorological Service, the rainfall in September was the most that has been experienced for an early rainy season since at least 1959. In Israel, the rainy season typically runs from October until April. The rain in the northern part of the country was around the average amount for September and October combined. Porat noted that such rain amounts in some years do not come until November.

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Israel Lauded for Managing Recession

{image_1}Photo by Isranet

FINANCE MINISTERS and central bank chancellors attending the International
Monetary Fund’s annual meeting in Istanbul commended Israel’s financial
policies, stable banking system, and relatively low unemployment rates
during a time of global recession.

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Israel Allows Equipment into Gaza

{image_1}Gaza’s power station and a sewage purification facility got some needed materials when Israel opened up a crossing into the Gaza Strip for 17 humanitarian aid trucks carrying the equipment. According to an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) press release, among the essential items taken on the truck were an engine for the Gaza power station that had been repaired in Israel and electric poles and cables for the Palestinian Energy Authority, which falls under the authority of Mahmoud Abbas’ (Abu Mazen’s) government in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria).

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Toyota Seeks Israeli Technology

{image_1}An Israeli firm will present senior representatives of Japanese multinational corporation Toyota with the new generation of car development, including software for efficient fuel consumption, technologies for safety management, and driver risk management, etc. In a bid to look into options of cooperation with Israeli companies, the visit to Israel will last about a week.

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Gas Independence for Israel?

{image_1}A natural gas discovery off the coast of Haifa in northern Israel worth tens of billions of dollars is even better than expected, according to The Jerusalem Post. The site, known as Tamar, could hold as much as 180 billion cubic meters of natural gas, roughly 25 to 30% more than was originally believed. Drilling on the site for size-determination purposes was done at the end of April, followed by electronic testing in July. According to Ha’aretz, the find could lead to gas independence for Israel. Ha’aretz reported that from 2014–2018, Israel’s natural gas needs will be 9 to 10 billion cubic meters a year. The Tamar site is expected to be operational in 2012.

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First Ant Bear Born in Israel

{image_1} This spring, Ramat Gan Safari Park welcomed the first ant bear (anteater or aardvark) born in Israel. The ant bear is a species that is being watched very carefully, because although it is not currently threatened with extinction, it is still regarded as very rare with only around 5,000 left in the wild in Central and South America. There are an estimated 200 in zoos around the world.

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