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By Rev. Cheryl L. Hauer, International Development Director

Recently when paging through a favorite magazine, I was intrigued by an article entitled, “The Information Age is Dead.” A few pages later, another headline seemed to shout, “Welcome to the Age of Experience.” Days later, another article crossed my desk which examined the difficulties today’s young people are facing because we are living in the “Age of Anxiety.” By then, my curiosity was aroused. What age are we actually living in? How does that understanding of our current circumstances actually affect the way we live our lives?  Continue reading…

The Path to Peace—What’s Next?

by: Rev. Cheryl L. Hauer, Associate Editor

On September 13, 1993, a joint Israeli–Palestinian Declaration of Principles based on an agreement worked out in Oslo, was signed by their chief negotiators. The agreement was to be a framework for ongoing negotiations that would eventually bring the Israeli–Palestinian conflict to a peaceful resolution. Since then, history records a plethora of conferences, meetings, discussions and agreements involving not just the two principals but nations that run the gamut in their approach to Israel—from the French and the Americans to the Russians and the Saudis. All looked to Oslo as their foundation.

However, the consensus among many experts today is that Oslo was a failure; some even calling it the worst diplomatic disaster in Israel’s history.       Continue reading…

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