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By Abigail Gilbert, BFP Staff Writer 

The Torah (Gen.–Deut.) and Tanakh (Old Testament) are full of examples of the revolutionary laws and system of justice given to the Hebrew people. Compared to other laws and codes of the time—Hammurabi’s Code, the Middle Assyrian and Babylonian lists to name a few—the Torah offered a system of justice that prioritized human life more than any other law of its time; it was a nuanced covenant that sought to weave justice into worship, so that the penalties varied to fit individual circumstances. Continue reading…


Hidden Life of the Dead Sea

By Kathy DeGagne, BFP Staff Writer

The turquoise blue waters of the Dead Sea shimmer in the sunshine like an exotic jewel set between the Judean Hills of Israel and the Moab Mountains of Jordan. For millennia, this natural wonder has cast its allure over people who have come to seek the healing properties of its mineral-laden waters and nutrient-rich black mud. Herod the Great is said to have used the Dead Sea as his personal spa; and legend has it that the Queen of Sheba received a gift of Dead Sea salts from King Solomon. During the Roman rule of Judea, Mark Anthony gave Cleopatra the rights to the Dead Sea region for her own cosmetic and medicinal factories so she could preserve her legendary beauty.   Continue reading

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