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Unlocking the Power of Psalm 103

By: Rev. Cheryl L. Hauer, BFP Writer

How often in the Scriptures do we find exactly the answers we are looking for, the encouragement we need, the direction we have lacked? Verses that cause us to lift our eyes heavenward are often the very thing we need to refocus our attention from our own morass to the glory and majesty of our King.

Such are the verses found in Psalm 103. It has been called the Mount Everest of psalms, exalting the soul to breathtaking heights. Although it does not appear in its entirety in Jewish liturgy, Jewish prayer is peppered with verses and phrases from Psalm 103 and the rabbis have called it a masterpiece of biblical literature.

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Jewish Ethics and Dispute

By: Rebecca Brimmer, International President

How do ethics (or morality) and dispute go together? Good question. Rising Israeli hip-hop artist Roy Kornblum seems to think they do. In a compelling video entitled “0.2%,” he captures the questions that plague many Israelis in a post-October 7 nation.

Since that terrible Saturday, now referred to as Black Shabbat, Israelis have been trying to come to grips with a harsh reality: a massacre in which 1,200 civilians were brutally killed, scores of hostages taken and the nation plunged into war. Questions abound. “How could this happen?” “What’s next?” “Do we have a future?” “Who are we as a people?” “Why?”

Israeli social media is full of thoughtful, insightful and outrageous posts. Art has been created. Musicians write and perform songs. Websites track the hostages. People gather in Hostage Square in Tel Aviv around a long Shabbat table set with enough places for each hostage. The song written for the Eurovision contest is entitled “Hurricane,” and without ever mentioning October 7, the singer shows the emotions of a nation in crisis.

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