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Palestinians Bring War Crimes Charges against Israel at International Court

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Through Mud and Rain, These Soldiers are Saving Lives on the Battlefield


With Iran on Israel's doorstep, help us reconstruct bomb shelters to save Israeli lives.

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What Does God Love?

By Rev. Rebecca J. Brimmer, International President and CEO

I often suggest to Christians that they should love the things God loves. The next thought has to be, “So what exactly does God love?” This sent me on a Bible detective search. I was surprised to find fewer direct references than I thought. Still, there are a number of clear statements about what God loves. I would suggest that these could all fall into three broad categories: people, righteousness (and justice) and Zion. Continue reading…

UN-funding UNWRA

By Rev. Cheryl Hauer, Associate Editor

America’s new approach to the UN has set the diplomatic world on its ear. First it was US Ambassador Nikki Haley’s in-your-face-with-the-truth diplomacy, calling the UN out for its long history of anti-Israel bias. Then, the US withdrew from UNESCO. Next, the president of the United States had the chutzpah to agree with Israel that their capital is, in fact, Jerusalem. But, the icing on the cake seems to be America’s defunding of UNRWA.  Continue reading…

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Shofar in the Senate in honor of Israel

The Washington State Senate passed a resolution in honor of Israel’s 70th Independence Day.

The resolution was submitted by Republican legislator Matt Shea and was approved unanimously despite the fact that the state is considered to be affiliated with the left.

The resolution was promoted by the Jewish Federation in partnership with the Christian organization Bridges for Peace.  To read more…

To read the SENATE RESOLUTION 8724.