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Shadows of Children: Israeli Youngsters Who Returned from Hamas’s Tunnels

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Muslim Women Leaders from US in Israel on Solidarity Mission


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Bridges For Peace: Christians supporting Israel and building relationships

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No More Worthless Offerings

by: Rev. Rebecca J. Brimmer, International President

There is a lot of hopelessness in the world today. The people of Israel are reeling as the enemy, Hamas, slaughtered so many loved ones. We watched in horror as unbelievable atrocities were revealed. There is no one unaffected by the war, the increase in anti-Semitism and the increasing numbers of devastated families. Our hearts mourn with our Jewish brothers and sisters.

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Jewish–Christian Relations in Israel: Reason for Concern?

by: Rebecca J. Brimmer, International President

Christians around the world have been alarmed at news of recent anti-Christian actions in Israel. A number of incidents are at the heart of the concerns. In September last year, Jordanian King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein stood in the United Nations General Assembly and said that Christianity is under attack in Jerusalem. In March, Knesset (Parliament) Member (MK) Moshe Gafni of United Torah Judaism (an ultra-Orthodox party) presented a bill that would make proselytization in Israel illegal and punishable by jail time. The bill never advanced beyond the first reading (three readings are required before it becomes law)…

A review of all of these incidents highlights an important truth: the actions against Christians are coming from a portion of society, not the entire Israeli society.


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