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I want to help put an end to the cycle of hopelessness and give hope to survive.


Two Israelis Killed, One Seriously Injured in Terror Attack

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As Gaza Tensions Continue, Netanyahu Warns Israel “Will Do Everything Necessary”

Life in Israel

Celebrating Gender Equality and Diversity in Israel on International Women’s Day


Dr. Tom Brimmer discusses how Joshua and the armies of Israel took their first steps into the Promised Land.

Bridges For Peace: Christians supporting Israel and building relationships

between Christians and Jews in Israel and around the world

Joshua and Deborah: A Tale of Two Heroes

By Kathy DeGagne, BFP Staff Writer

True heroes are hard to come by nowadays. We often tend to elevate sports figures, media personalities or Hollywood stars to hero status, just because they’re beautiful, famous or particularly good at something. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a hero as “a person admired for achievements and noble qualities” and “one who shows great courage.” If we expand “noble qualities” to include humility, selflessness, compassion and godly wisdom, how would our heroes measure up?

In her book Women on the Front Lines, Michal Ann Goll issued a challenge to the Church: “…the Lord is calling us to be heroes. He is preparing us for a time soon to come when the world will cry out for leaders who are in touch with the heart and mind of God.”    Continue reading…

Shabbat Flowers

By Janet Aslin, BFP Staff Writer

Fridays bring many visible clues to announce the arrival of Shabbat (Sabbath) in Jerusalem. The city begins to slow down, delicious cooking odors greet pedestrians as they walk through residential areas and colorful flower stalls appear everywhere—at intersections, on sidewalks, outside small grocery stores and at the shuk (outdoor market).

Buying flowers for Shabbat isn’t just a regular purchase—it’s part of the preparation. Husbands and dinner guests alike stop to buy a perfect bouquet of cut flowers to grace the table that evening. Bouquets are arranged in buckets by price, which range from NIS 20 shekels to NIS 50 shekels (US $5 to $15). Because many of the stalls are located at bus stops, it is easy for commuters to zip in quickly, make a selection and be on their way without disrupting other traffic along the busy roads.   Continue reading…

The Call to Zion Tour

A gathering of young people from around the world for an 11-day Israel experience.

Join the next tour July 28th-August 9th 2019.

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To our friends in the Jewish Community – in Pittsburgh, around the United States, and around the world…

Jeremiah 23:9  My heart within me is broken, all my bones shake. (JPS)

We are broken-hearted with you. There are no adequate words. You do not stand alone. Bible-believing Christians, and Bridges for Peace friends in specific know that this evil man has touched the apple of God’s eye.  We grieve with you, we stand with you, and we tell all that you are not alone.

Psalm 147:3,6  Who healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. The LORD upholdeth the humble; He bringeth the wicked down to the ground. (JPS)

To our fellow Bible-believing Christians, and to the Bridges for Peace family in specific.  Now more than ever, standing with the Jewish people is standing with God. Pure evil has acted and claimed to act as a Christian.  This is a shame for all of us who truly follow the Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth.  Join us in sending a message of love, support, and unity to the Jewish Community.  Reach out in love and compassion. Prayer is our most important action now. Personally reaching out to your Jewish friends and neighbors to just say “you are not alone, and you do not mourn alone,” is second.

If you feel God’s call to send a donation of sympathy, you may send it to Bridges for Peace USA – noted as “Pittsburgh gift.”

Jim Solberg, National Director, on behalf of all the Bridges for Peace USA family

We grieve with you, we stand with you, and we tell all that you are not alone.