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I want to bless the widows and orphans who are in need, fulfilling the Lord’s call to look after the poor and afflicted.


From Slavery to Freedom: Israel Celebrates Passover

Current Issues

Syria Claims Israel Struck “Military Position;” Israel Vows to “Continue to Act”

Life in Israel

How PM Benjamin Netanyahu Became the Seemingly Unbeatable Bibi


The story of Mephibosheth serves as a prototype for how God makes us—the unworthy and undeserving—part of His family to eat at His table.

Bridges For Peace: Christians supporting Israel and building relationships

between Christians and Jews in Israel and around the world

The Ten Lost Tribes

By Dr. David A. Lewis

One way of robbing modern-day Israel is to deny that it is the true Israel of the Bible. Called Replacement Theology, this theory transfers all the promises made to Israel in the Tanakh (OT) to the Church, claiming that the Church displaces Israel in the economy of God. How strange that the allegorists (who claim that the Scripture is not literal in reference to Israel) want the Bible to be very literal when it suits their purposes. All the Scripture concerning redemption is to be taken literally, but when it comes to Israel, one must see “Israel” as “the Church.” How strange that some are very happy to transfer to the Church all the blessings of obedience promised to Israel, but are just as willing for the curses pronounced in the Tanakh upon the disobedient to be visited upon the heads of the Jewish people today. There is an inconsistency here! The problem with allegorizing the Scripture is that it introduces an anarchy of interpretation. Every man becomes a law unto himself. What is to prevent you from taking any passage and saying, “This is not literal,” and then attaching any prejudiced meaning you wish?  Continue reading…

Passover—Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

By Cheryl Hauer, Vice President

The onset of April means spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn south of the equator. Both are marked by changes in temperature, foliage and even activities, as the north warms up and the south cools down. There are, however, some things that remain constant no matter where you are on the globe, and one of them is the biblical festival called Pesach (Passover). Continue reading…

The Call to Zion Tour

A gathering of young people from around the world for an 11-day Israel experience.

Join the next tour July 28th-August 9th 2019.

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To our friends in the Jewish Community – in Pittsburgh, around the United States, and around the world…

Jeremiah 23:9  My heart within me is broken, all my bones shake. (JPS)

We are broken-hearted with you. There are no adequate words. You do not stand alone. Bible-believing Christians, and Bridges for Peace friends in specific, know that this evil man has touched the apple of God’s eye.  We grieve with you, we stand with you, and we tell all that you are not alone.

Psalm 147:3,6  Who healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. The LORD upholdeth the humble; He bringeth the wicked down to the ground. (JPS)

We grieve with you, we stand with you, and we tell all that you are not alone.