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Netanyahu at UN: Despite Iranian Threats, “The Light of Israel Will Never be Extinguished”

Current Issues

UN Blacklist of Companies Doing Business in Settlements to be Released by Year’s End

Life in Israel

Celebrating Rosh HaShanah (Feast of Trumpets)


Become a future-changer through BFP's Feed a Child program

Bridges For Peace: Christians supporting Israel and building relationships

between Christians and Jews in Israel and around the world

Disaster Relief


Our hearts have been heavy as we see the devastation Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have unleashed. Our national office is in Melbourne Florida. Thankfully, we and our staff have been spared serious damage, although we have suffered with power outages. We are thankful for the many Christian organizations who have immediately responded to the need.  

While disaster relief is not our specific calling, we have realized that Houston, Texas, is not only one of the largest US cities, but also the home to 63,000 Jewish people. Florida is home to more than 650,000 Jewish people.  Continue reading.

Our Father

By: Rev. Rebecca J. Brimmer, International President and CEO

Repeatedly Jesus/Yeshua used the term “Father” to refer to God Almighty. According to Eric von Atzigen, “Jesus traveled and taught for three years. There are about 110 pages in the Bible dedicated to His ministry and message. We have approximately 25,000 words that Jesus spoke recorded in the Bible. Of those 25,000 words, Jesus taught about the Father in Heaven at least 181 times. This means 1 out of every 140 words, Jesus was speaking about His Father. His central message and purpose was to restore us to a relationship with our Daddy in Heaven.”  Continue reading.

Benjamin Netanyahu: Our Man in Jerusalem

by: Ilse Posselt, BFP News Correspondent

Calling Israel “no ordinary country” can certainly be considered an understatement. The strip of land perched on the edge of the Middle East serves as the stage against which numerous biblical events played out—and the backdrop for ancient prophecy fulfilled today. The building blocks of the modern state are the promises spoken by the God of Israel, who pledged the land as an everlasting heritage to the children of Abraham. Those who call the Promised Land home have returned from the four corners of the world, according to the Almighty’s age-old pledge. With such an extraordinary past, present and promised future, it stands to reason that Israel requires extraordinary men and women to lead the nation. David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, Menachem Begin and Shimon Peres all fall into this category. Yet no list of exceptional Israeli leaders would be complete without a spot for current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.   Continue reading.

 Call to Zion

A gathering of young people from around the world for an 11-day Israel experience.

Join the next tour July 29 – Aug 9, 2018.


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Solidarity Mission Tour

Celebrate a Century of Christians Standing with Israel 

Christians must stand with Israel during this critical time. The international community is intent on erasing the Jewish connection to the land of Israel – but we will not be silent!

Join the Bridges for Peace 2017 Solidarity Mission and make your voice heard.

• Learn about Israel’s current reality from local experts

• Grasp how history has shaped the present

• Experience the growing depth and richness of Jewish–Christian relations

• Invest in the future of God’s promised Land

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