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Israel, Italy Ink Defense Trade Deal

Current Issues

US Activates “Snapback” of Sanctions on Iran to Stop Arms Sales

Life in Israel

On Eve of Rosh HaShanah, Israel’s Population Tops 9 Million


Exploring the book of Micah, Rebecca J. Brimmer invites Christians around the world to rejoice in what God is doing now, while looking forward to the Messianic Age to come.


Bridges For Peace: Christians supporting Israel and building relationships

between Christians and Jews in Israel and around the world


The Freedom of Forgiveness—Part 2

Rev. Cheryl L. Hauer, International Vice President

In the ancient world, prior to our story of Joseph, forgiveness was an unknown concept. Experts in the writings and social customs of ancient civilizations agree that true forgiveness did not exist prior to Joseph’s remarkable act of mercy. Ancients certainly had societal norms that made existing with one who had wronged them possible, but those processes were not forgiveness. Appeasement through which the guilty party found a way to satisfy the anger of the one they had wronged was the norm. Money, material goods and even servitude were means by which an injured party could be moved to give up his or her right to vengeance and live in peace, if not harmony. Continue reading…

Convenient Scapegoats

by Nathan Williams, Director of Marketing and Communications

Throughout history, global crises—whether financial, political or health in nature—have united people in a common sense of suffering. At times this coming together is for the good of society in dealing with the crisis at hand. More often this unification revolves around the need to assign blame for the origin of the crisis, triggering hate and even violence toward the perceived instigators. One people group always finds themselves at the top of the list of potential culprits: the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism is lurking just under the surface of too many human hearts, and all it takes is a little nudge for open hatred to flare up against the Jewish people. As the world grapples with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic and global race riots, the Jewish people and the Jewish state have once again become a convenient target of blame. Continue reading… 

Extraordinary Educational Experience

Institute of Israel Studies

23 May – 4 June 2021

Bridges for Peace is honored to invite you to enroll in the Institute of Israel Studies 2021. Join us for a combination of curriculum—presented by a lineup of Bridges for Peace senior leaders and prominent Israeli role players in the political, religious, defense, societal, advocacy and historical landscape—and guided visits to sites of biblical significance. The discussions and guided visits have been tailor-made to ensure that every person who goes through this program will leave Israel with an in-depth knowledge, understanding and hands-on experience of the Land of Israel and its role in history, prophecy and the future. Click here to learn more.

Call to Zion Tour

A gathering of young adults from around the world for a 12-day Israel experience

Our next tour begins Summer 2021

Registration open soon!

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We invite you to watch a message given by USA National Director, Rev. Dr. Jim Solberg, addressing Planned Giving and Leaving a Lasting Legacy in Israel!

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