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Lapid to West: Walk away from Iran Nuclear Talks

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Israel Says Unilateral Overtures to Gazans Showing Positive Results

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Terror Shooting outside Jerusalem’s Old City Leaves Eight Wounded


We provided computers in preparation for a new school year


Bridges For Peace: Christians supporting Israel and building relationships

between Christians and Jews in Israel and around the world


Sons and Daughters of the Covenant

By Rev. Cheryl Hauer, International Vice President

I sat in the conference listening intently to a very dear Orthodox Jewish friend address us Christians and share his heart about Jewish–Christian relations. This is a man who loves God passionately and has literally dedicated his life to building sincere and respectful friendships between his faith community and mine. He spoke of his time attending a Christian university and the glimpses he received into the similarities and differences between our two faith systems. He delighted in those areas where we are clearly of one heart, but found it disturbing at times when he recognized the chasm that still exists between us. Interestingly, he came away with the sense that in some ways, it is harder to be a Christian than it is to be a Jew. Continue reading…

Druze—Loyal Friends


By Janet Aslin, BFP Staff Writer

Unlike the melting pot of America, the State of Israel can be compared to a mosaic. Even its Jewish majority contains a dazzling number of expressions of Judaism that can often be identified by the clothing worn or the type of kippah (yarmulke) on a man’s head. Hidden among the many mosaic pieces, we can find a very tiny piece that represents a unique group of Israeli Arabs known as the Druze.    Continue reading…


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