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The Lions’ Den Terrorist Group Raises its Head Again

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The Axis of Resistance Led by Iran Threatens Israel during Ramadan

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TIME Names Jerusalem One of World’s Greatest Places


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“Behold, the Days Are Coming”

By: Rev. Cheryl Hauer, International Vice President

IT’S THAT WONDERFUL TIME OF YEAR again when the seasons are beginning to change and Passover is just a few short weeks away. Jewish families all over the world will soon begin their preparations for one of Judaism’s most celebrated holidays, cleaning their homes from top to bottom. There was a time when spring-cleaning was something everyone did, sweeping out the winter cobwebs and opening the windows to welcome the light spring breeze. But for most people today, it is not such a well- known custom.

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Education Nation

By Ilse Strauss, News Bureau Chief

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published the 2022 edition of its annual Education at a Glance report in October last year. In no less than 462 pages crammed with statistics, graphs, footnotes and summaries, the document compares and contrasts the state of education in 45 countries for the 2021/2022 school year, ranking the nations from best to worst.

The four top slots went to Canada, Japan, Luxembourg and South Korea, countries known for maple syrup, sushi, a sky-high GDP and a global influence on pop culture. Then, in the fifth place, came Israel, a nation known for biblical history, conflict and controversy.   Click here to continue

Bridges for Peace would like to invite you to enroll in the Institute of Israel Studies 2023. Join us for a combination of curriculum—presented by a lineup of Bridges for Peace senior leaders and prominent Israeli role players in the political, religious, defense, societal, advocacy and historical landscape—and guided visits to sites of biblical significance. The discussions and guided visits have been tailor-made to ensure that every person who completes this program will leave Israel with an in-depth knowledge, understanding and hands-on experience of the Land of Israel and its role in history, prophecy and the future.

Dates: May 28 – June 9, 2023

For further details, like pricing, read the attached PDF.

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