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War on Children

Blessing Israel

Make Your Visit to Israel Count

A trip to the Holy Land is a lifelong dream for many Christians and each year many come by the tens of thousands—their dreams fulfilled. Scripture will come alive when you visit the places Jesus (Yeshua) walked during His earthly ministry. Tabgha, on the shores of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), where Jesus prepared a

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Tastes of the Promised Land

I never expected to fall in love with Israeli food. The Promised Land, I presumed, was famous for echoes of events of times gone by, the footprints of biblical characters and locations made famous by Scripture. Tasty treats and mouthwatering meals, I reasoned, did not fit into such a mental picture. Of course, I hardly

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God’s Greatest End Time Sign

February 10, 2016

Many have been looking for a sign from God. We look in the biblical calendar and find out about the shmitah and Jubilee years. We gaze at the heavens and see blood moons and solar eclipses. We watch Russian actions in Syria; we shudder as we observe the nations turning against Israel. But, His greatest

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Israel and God’s Judgment on the Nations

We watched the blood moon on September 28, the final one in a series of four that occurred on Feast Days. Called a tetrad, this rare celestial event has had the world watching. On September 14 the shmitah year (sabbatical rest year for the land) was completed. Jewish tradition says that the Messiah will come

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Building Bridges

Once in a while a Jewish person will say to one of us, “Don’t tell me what you believe! I’ll follow you around and then I will tell you what you believe.” After centuries of negative interaction between Christians and Jews, God has called us to build bridges of understanding, love and respect. We sorrow

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Restoring Paradise: Introducing Biblical Species Back to the Land

 It was 1978 and the streets of Tehran echoed with the sounds of gunshots and wild mobs screaming, “Death to America! Death to Israel!” Iran was reeling under a volatile political inferno, soon to explode into the full-blown Islamic Revolution. Trying to dodge angry demonstrators and stray bullets, a lone man hurried through the streets,

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Christian Zionism and the birth of Modern Israel

As Zionism continues to be the focus of a worldwide smear campaign by those who would delegitimize the state of Israel, it becomes increasingly important for Israel’s Christian friends to understand the history and foundations of this important and prophetic movement. In the last issue of this magazine, we looked at the broader picture, from Zionism’s earliest beginnings to

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Practical Models of Jewish-Christian Relations

After 26 years of living in Israel and building Jewish-Christian relations I am convinced that we must become involved in faithful action. Unfortunately much of the action the Jewish world has experienced from the Christian world is not positive. Our friend Moshe Kempinski often tells our groups “your Bible says you are supposed to be

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A Profound and Lasting Impact Through Our Feed a Child Program

In Israel, according to a report released in December of 2014, 35.1% of children live in poverty, while 25% go to bed hungry at night. That means nearly a million Israeli children face a very uncertain future, struggle to keep up with their classmates, perhaps are even forced to drop out of school and work

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“Israel is Your Home”

As the ugly menace of anti-Semitism rises again in France, Denmark and Ukraine, many are calling for the Jews of Europe to come home to Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu has led the charge! “Jews have been murdered again on European soil only because they were Jews,” Mr. Netanyahu said after an attack in Copenhagen. After

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