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Israeli Device Helps First Responders Determine Patients’ Condition

In cases of natural disasters or mass-casualty incidents, first responders must decide who among the casualties is in mortal danger, needing immediate medical care, and who needs less urgent treatment. A clear diagnosis is crucial. Israeli medtech startup CardioScale has developed a portable sensor that can be used to check vital cardiovascular data in seconds

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Israeli Initiative Offers Groundbreaking Medical Guidance for Arabic-speaking Diabetics

Israel’s Gertner Institute at the Sheba Medical Center recently launched “Sehatuna,” an online platform in Arabic dedicated to providing medical support and guidance on diabetes. The first-of-its-kind virtual community which functions in Arabic will facilitate consultations with Israeli medical professionals, connect diabetes patients from all over the world and feature a variety of articles on

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Israeli Company Develops Laser to Fight Forest Fires

Massive forest fires currently rage in numerous nations around the world. Firefighters in Canada, Greece, India, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States are fighting an ongoing battle to quench the flames that threaten to burn up large areas of natural vegetation, ISRAEL21c reports. Moreover, experts warn that global warming and

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Clean Drinking Water from Medical Waste

A glass of H2O to quench the thirst is something that many take for granted. Yet clean drinking water is one of the most desperately sought-after commodities in remote rural areas in developing nations. Israeli company NUFiltration is using discarded medical devices to remedy the situation. NUFiltration repurposes dialysis filters that have been discarded after

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Turning Trash into “Mines of the Future”

Stinking trash heaps are traditionally not the first place one would expect to find anything of use. Israeli firm, UBQ Materials, begs to differ. In fact, according to Christopher Sveen, chief sustainability officer at UBQ, rotting landfills are the “mines of the future.” The company operating from Israel’s Negev desert is currently perfecting waste-conversion technology

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Israeli Medical Team Using Enzyme-Based Therapy to Treat Guatemalan Volcano Burn Victims

Wednesday, 13 June 2018 | An Israeli team specializing in treating victims of burns and respiratory diseases has been using an enzyme-based gel to treat patients suffering from burns resulting from the eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala, The Jerusalem Post reported Sunday. The gel was developed in Israel. Israel’s Foreign Ministry revealed that

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MyEye2.0—“See for Yourself”

More than 350 million people the world over are blind or partially sighted. Another billion battle with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia or reading fatigue. The Israeli company, OrCam, develops and produces assistive technology in the form of an intuitive portable device to come to the aid of the visually impaired, partially sighted, blind and

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Nanotechnology: Computers Running 100 Times Faster

Following three years of extensive research, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) physicist Dr. Uriel Levy and his team have created technology that will enable our computers—and all optic communication devices—to run 100 times faster through terahertz microchips. Until now, two major challenges stood in the way of creating the terahertz microchip: overheating and scalability. However,

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Turning the Desert Green and Red

Microalgae produce almost all the nutrients that humans need to survive. But, to truly harness microalgae’s tremendous potential, their cultivation must overcome significant technological and economic barriers. Algatech, an Israeli company, has succeeded in surmounting these obstacles. It operates a state-of-the-art microalgae cultivation site, producing algae-based products in the heart of the Arava Desert in

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The IDF’s Top 10 Innovations from the Past 70 Years

Wednesday, 25 April 2018 | The IDF [Israel Defense Forces] has acquired groundbreaking technological innovations during its 70 years, so we compiled a short list to share some of our favorites. 1. The “Iron Dome” Air Defense System For many years, rockets have been launched at Israel from the Gaza Strip. As a result, an air

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