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Israeli Doctors Help African Children Smile

Wednesday, 23 November 2022 | Two Israeli doctors are making a difference for children in Equatorial Guinea by performing complex surgeries and providing local doctors with support and technology to perform the operations by themselves. Drs. Oded Nahlieli and Michael Abba recently returned from another trip to the central African nation, where they performed dozens

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‘Naval Iron Dome’ Successfully Passes Final Test

November 18, 2022

Friday, 18 November 2022 | Israel’s Navy and Defense Ministry as well as Rafael Advanced Defense Systems completed a C-Dome system advanced interception test, the IDF [Israel Defense Forces] announced on Thursday, marking a significant step toward introducing the naval version of the Iron Dome aerial defense system. The C-Dome is a more advanced version

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A Snapshot of Blessing

November 7, 2022

The Volcani Center is the largest institution devoted to agricultural research and development in Israel, advancing agriculture in the Jewish state and abroad through innovation and problem solving. Headquartered in Rishon Lezion with experimental research stations in the north and south, the Volcani Center is responsible for many of Israel’s groundbreaking developments in plant and

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From the Desert to the Moon, Israel Shoots for Outer Space Agriculture

October 21, 2022

Friday, 21 October 2022 | Israel’s next foray into the final frontier is an experiment in growing plants on the moon. The Jewish state is planning to send up a space mission called Beresheet 2 (“Beginning,” the Hebrew name for the book of Genesis) in 2025. A research group from Israel’s Ben Gurion University in

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Harnessing Energy From Humidity

An Israeli start-up is paving the way to a future where we can conjure up energy out of thin air. In a society focused on harvesting energy from renewable sources such as the sun or the wind, ThermoTerra takes things one step further. This Israeli company develops heating and cooling technology based on a novel

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Israel Develops Experimental Drug for Autism and Other Syndromes

Tel Aviv University researchers have unraveled a mechanism shared by mutations in genes that cause autism. They have also developed an experimental drug that could lead to effective treatments not only for autism, but also for other syndromes that impair brain function, including schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s. Professor Illana Gozes from the Department of Human Molecular

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Othello-P Gunfire-Detection System Attracts Global Attention

A new gunfire-detection system unveiled by Israel Aerospace Industries [IAI] is attracting worldwide attention from potential clients, and company officials say its ability to turn shooters’ locations into precise target data means that “the imagination is the limit” in terms of usage and impact on future battlefields. The Othello-P system can detect anything from machine-gun

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Israel Turns to Food Tech to Win Hearts, Minds and Stomachs

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan hosted dozens of ambassadors from around the world for a celebration featuring some of Israel’s contributions to the world of food technology. The event was attended by about 250 people, including the Good Food Institute and several Israeli food-tech companies. Guests sampled products such as poached eggs,

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Israeli Surgeons Print an Ear to Correct Boy’s Deformity

Israeli doctors 3D-printed an ear and attached it to a 6-year-old boy born with microtia, a deformity that stops the development of a baby’s ear in the womb, usually during the first trimester of pregnancy. Using a 3D printer, staff from the plastic surgery department at Galilee Medical Center in Nahariyya created a synthetic prosthesis

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Israel Unveils New Air-to-surface Missile

Israeli defense company Rafael unveiled a new, advanced air-to-surface missile for fixed-wing aircraft. The missile has already been sold to one or more clients, whose identity is unknown, and it is in operational use. According to Rafael, it’s designed to meet the complex needs of modern warfare. The company touted the missile’s lightweight design, lengthy

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