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Learning from Starfish

An international research team, led by the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, has discovered how a beautiful, brainless brittle star can create material similar to tempered glass underwater at ambient conditions. The findings may open new bio-inspired routes for toughening brittle ceramics in various important applications. The Technion researchers uncovered the unique protective mechanism of highly

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Unlocking the Written Word

Children and adults who struggle with dyslexia are often frustrated by their difficulties unscrambling the printed word. Good news from Israel—the Reading Pen, developed by Wizcomtech, can transform those frustrations into understanding. There are devices which scan text and read it aloud to its user. The Reading Pen does more than that—it breaks the words

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Nanomedicine—Hope for Pancreatic Cancer Patients

The word “nano” is a suffix which means “one billionth part” of whatever word it precedes. The result is something that can only be seen under a microscope. Today researchers are developing nanotechnology—the engineering of tiny machines—that can be used in the medical field, thus we arrive at the term “nanomedicine.” Israeli researchers at Tel

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Creative Hydroponics

Hydroponic solutions for growing plants aren’t new. Sir Francis Bacon mentioned the process in a book published in 1627! There are many benefits derived from this method of growing food: it conserves water, eliminates the need for pesticides, utilizes waste products for nutrients and makes weeding unnecessary! Employing the creativeness for which they are famous,

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Cutting-edge Glass Technology

Imagine completely eliminating the need for privacy shades and curtains in the windows of your home. No more need to take heavy drapes to the laundromat…no more concern about the curtain pulls and their safety for young children. An Israeli startup, Gauzy, launched in 2009, has a patented process for combining film technology into glass.

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Artificial Cornea Transplants

Injuries and diseases of the cornea are a leading cause of blindness worldwide “with 20-30 million patients in need of a remedy and around 2 million new cases a year,” according to information from Almog Aley-Raz, vice president of research and development for CorNeat Vision. After much research, this Israeli company has introduced a process

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Wave of the Future

Finding solutions to the world’s dependence on fossil fuels has been the focus of environmental activists for many years and generating electricity from the ocean’s waves is not a new idea. However, Eco-Wave Power, an Israeli start-up company, has developed a unique wave energy converter that is low-cost, low-maintenance and “capable of producing large amounts

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Israeli Developers behind New iPhone X Tech

The new technologies unveiled at the launch event for the iPhone X can be traced to none other than the Start-up Nation, Israel. The X model, Apple’s newest and most advanced offering, boasts innovative face recognition capabilities, allowing users to unlock the device using a facial signature and creating animated emojis controlled by their own

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Israeli Doctors Implant New Ground-breaking Device in Patient with Heart Failure

Friday, 01 September 2017 | For the first time, doctors at an Israeli hospital implanted a device to assist a patient suffering from diastolic heart failure. The trial performed at Haifa’s Rambam Hospital implanted a device into the heart of a 72-year-old Canadian man, suffering from diastolic heart failure, who volunteered for the procedure after

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Energy Can Grow on Trees!

We’ve all heard the saying, “money doesn’t grow on trees” but now we can say that energy really can grow on trees! The “eTree” is an innovative Israeli idea that combines clean, green energy with an invitation to slow down and relax. Modeled after the acacia which provides welcome shade in the desert, the eTree

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