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Ukrainian Jews Arriving

Teaching Letter

Learning from King Solomon

When a leader fails, it is always a painful and tragic event. We have often seen the damage it causes in the political and business worlds. But for us as Christians, it is even more difficult when it is a spiritual leader. How is it possible that one whom we have learned from and whose

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Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant

Along with the rest of the world, we watched in horror as the simmering tensions in Ukraine erupted into the most brutal ground battle in Europe since World War II. We’ve agonized over the news of civilians perishing as missiles strike apartment buildings and prayed for a swift end to the violence. Here in Israel,

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The God Who Speaks

For many Christians, the events which culminated in the Israelite Exodus from Egypt and the thunder of Sinai may bring images to mind of Charlton Heston as Moses or inspire awe at the magnitude of the impressive display of thunder, rushing wind and fire enveloping the mountain. Or perhaps what captures our focus is how

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Love: Setting the Record Straight

The fall festivals have passed, and the spring holidays are yet to come. The Hanukkah (Feast of Dedication) candles have burned their last, and sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts eaten during Hanukkah) have disappeared from the shelves, adding pounds to delighted Jewish people the world over. Christmas decorations are packed away, carols won’t be sung until next

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Questioning God

Life can be tough. We only have to look back over the last two years of life on planet Earth to realize that circumstances in this world can overwhelm us. Loss, sickness, uncertainty, pain and oppression will inevitably come upon us as we navigate through this fallen world. As believers in Jesus (Yeshua), we are

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The Birth of Jesus

The birth of Jesus (Yeshua) is one of the single most important events in the history of Christianity. Christians all over the world celebrate Christmas, although some believers are concerned about pagan elements in some of the traditions which have come to typify the celebration of Christmas. Its importance is affirmed by the fact that

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The Power to Live a Contented Life

Ah, contentment—A life free from worry, fear, anxiety…those enemies of the godly existence. Nice car, nice house, financial security, perfect spouse, perfect children, perfect church…that’s what contentment is all about, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, that definition is accepted by many people today. Moreover, rather than helping us find the path to contentment, placing our hopes in

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Freedom From Shame

We all have experienced shame at one time or another, but for many in our world today, it is a lifelong companion. Even for those of us who have surrendered our lives to the Lord, shame often lurks in the shadows, waiting to shipwreck faith, destroy relationships and ruin lives. For many, that shame is

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Seek First the Kingdom

How often are we frustrated with our government? Do you ever despair over the direction your government goes? When chaos erupts, pandemic strikes, poverty increases, home prices are out of reach, health care seems only for the well-off, and unemployment rises, we expect our governments to have an answer. Looking around at the current state

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Standing against the Spirit of Haman

I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not stand with Israel and the Jewish people. My connection and involvement with Bridges for Peace now span two decades, and may God grant me many more years of pioneering and sowing into this holy calling. Yet, when I survey the Jewish community in

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