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Cell-Phone Service Tracks Children

October 3, 2005
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Pelephone is offering the “Where is my child?” service, which is being launched with the help of Global Positioning System (GPS) infrastructure. The service requires parents to own a cell phone with Internet surfing functions, and the child to possess a GPS-enabled cell phone. Parents are then able to receive the exact address of and map to their child’s location within 20 seconds.

At the same time, Cellcom announced the launch of its “Where are you?” service, also designed to keep parents informed of their child’s whereabouts at all times. Parent call a designated number and, within moments, get back Short Message Service (SMS) text, reporting their child’s whereabouts in terms of the area, but without providing the exact address.

A survey of Israeli parents found that 68% with children younger than 18 are more worried about them than in the past. The survey also revealed that 56% would like a cellular tracking service.


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