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Christian Allies Of Israel Honored

November 27, 2005
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“It took time for my people to accept that so many Gentiles in the world can just love the Jews, (but now) the appeal and the mobilization of the Christian community has become an integral part of Israeli foreign policy,” said Knesset (Parliament) Member Yuri Shtern (National Union Party), cochairman of the Christian Allies Caucus, which cosponsored the event.

The ceremony, which was hosted by the World Jewish Congress, is indicative of the importance Israel is now placing on its ties with Christian supporters around the world and the staunchly pro-Israel evangelical community in particular.

The Jerusalem-based Christian organizations honored for their support included the International Christian Embassy, Bridges for Peace, Christian Friends of Israeli Communities, the East Gate Foundation, and Christian Friends of Israel.

“We can tell everyone that we no longer stand alone, that the Jews have friends,” said Bobby Brown, director of the Israel branch of the World Jewish Congress.

The increasingly influential Christian Allies Caucus, which was established nearly two years ago and has 14 members of Knesset from seven parties across the political spectrum, aims to garner the support of pro-Israel Christians around the world.

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