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Israel—75 Years of Blessing


“Squeeze-the-day” Limonana

Picture yourself on a scorching day in Israel, yearning for a refreshing, tangy and sweet drink to quench your thirst. Enter Limonana, a beloved beverage among locals and tourists alike. Its name is derived from the Hebrew words for lemon (limon) and mint (nana). As you take the first sip, the combination of the lemon’s

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Robbie’s Sweet and Seder-y Exodus Cake

On the night of Passover, families and friends will sit down to a table groaning with tasty treats for the seder (Passover ritual meal). Each of these dishes will have one thing in common. Regardless of whether it is sweet or savory, hot or cold, starter, main or dessert, every single dish will be free

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Tu BiShvat Chicken

In February, Israel celebrates Tu BiShvat, a holiday known as the new year for the fruits of the trees. Leviticus 19:23–25 prohibits eating fruit from trees during the first three years. In the fourth year, the fruit yield belongs to God. Only from the fifth year is the fruit for the enjoyment of the people.

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The kugel is a firm Jewish favorite that will have a place of honor at most Sabbath meals and traditional holiday tables. Described as a casserole or a pudding, the kugel had its humble beginnings 800 years ago in southern Germany and soon became a staple among Jewish families in Eastern Europe. Originally served in

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Chicken Shawarma

Shawarma features high on the list of Israel’s favorite fast foods—and for good reason. This meal-on-the-go features juicy morsels of meat stuffed into a warm pita or flatbread, topped with crispy French fries, salad and sauces to taste, making for the perfect marriage of flavors and textures. You’ll find a stand or a shop selling

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Shavuot Blintzes

May 10, 2022

Nearly every biblical feast in Israel comes with its own food-related traditions. Some holidays call for abstinence from a food group, while others command fasting altogether. Then there are those that invite you to indulge in special delicacies. Shavuot falls in the latter category. On the Feast of Weeks, Israelis dine on all kinds of

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Matzah Lasagna

For the seven days of Passover, leaven is a big no-no in nearly every home in Israel. In the absence of everyday staples like pasta and bread, Jewish people have become quite creative at adjusting favorite recipes by substituting leaven with matzah (unleavened bread). This colorful vegetable lasagna does just that, forgoing the pasta in

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Sticky Date Baklava

The buttery crush of rich pastry, combined with the syrupy sweetness of honey and the earthy balance of cinnamon and nuts make baklava a firm favorite throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Israel is no different. You’ll find tempting mounds of this sweet treat for sale in every market, bakery and coffee shop across

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Hanukkah Latkes

The majority of holidays in Israel are synonymous with feasting on specific festive foods and traditional dishes. Hanukkah is no different. During the eight-day Festival of Light (celebrated this year from November 28 to December 6), Israel indulges in deep-fried delicacies. This is to commemorate the one portion of consecrated oil lasting eight days during

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Jeweled Rice

Jeweled rice, a Persian dish traditionally served at weddings, is named for its rich colors. This dish combines a variety of seasonings and ingredients for a tangy, nutty fusion of flavors. Over 200,000 Persian Jews call Israel home, bringing this unique dish with them to the Holy Land and even customizing it to the Jewish

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