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Inventions & Innovations

Coral on a Chip Cracks Coral Mysteries

We know that human-induced environmental changes are responsible for coral bleaching, disease, and infertility. Loss of the world’s stony coral reefs—up to 30% in the next 30 years, according to some estimates—will mean loss of their services, including sequestering some 70-90 million tons of carbon each year and supporting enormous marine biodiversity. Yet despite many

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BRIXO Brings Building Blocks to Life

Legos and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly. But while the favorite spreads haven’t changed all that much over time, the building blocks children play with in the 21st century certainly have. Enter BRIXO, an Israeli startup developing electric blocks that bring high-tech functionality to low-tech toys. With BRIXO, kids can create simple

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A New Gauze that Stops Bleeding in Minutes

The cloud of war constantly hanging over Israel has one shiny silver lining: groundbreaking advances in wound care developed for the battlefield and then shared with the rest of humanity. Now another novel product has been designed originally with soldiers in mind but with a much broader potential: WoundClot gauze, a flexible and easy-to-handle material

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Diver ‘Panic Bracelet’ Wins Startup Prize

Omer Arad was on a routine dive when he had one of the most terrifying experiences of his life. “More than 80 feet [24.4 m] below sea level, a malfunction prevented the airflow from the tank to the regulator in my mouth,” said Arad, a computer-science student at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa.

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Israeli Global Leader in Microgreens

The world is discovering microgreens (also known as “cress” or “micro leaves”)—tiny leaves and sprouts harvested at 10 days, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. They are smaller and more tender than baby lettuce, yet more robust and flavorful than sprouts. Micro leaves are delicious and ideal for salads, main dishes, soups, as well as garnishing.

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Life-Saving Treatment for Collapsed Lung

Pneumothorax is a medical emergency: the collection of air in the pleural space separating the lung from the chest wall, causing it to collapse and resulting in suffocation. Pneumothorax is caused by chest trauma, and is believed to be responsible for over a third of preventable deaths on the battlefield and in terror attacks. The

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Smart Solution for Pesky Foreign Currency

Anybody who has traveled internationally knows the dilemma. With the trip over, you find yourself waiting to board the flight home with the last foreign coins or bills still rattling around in your pockets. Exchanging the currency is not an option. So you either hunt around the airport gift shop for an overpriced trinket you

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Green Cure for ‘Empty Truck Syndrome’

Trucking fresh-picked produce from his family’s RT Fresh farm in the western Negev to other parts of Israel was no problem for Avishai Trabelsi. The problem was the return runs. Empty trucks on the road add up to a huge waste of fuel and manpower, as well as unnecessary air pollution and traffic. So, Trabelsi

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Intelligent Socks for Diabetics

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage associated with the development of foot ulcers in patients with diabetes. Resulting from anatomical deformation, excessive pressure and poor blood supply, it affects over 130 million individuals worldwide. It is also the leading cause of amputation, costing the United States economy alone more than $10 billion annually.

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Smart Home Revolution

Two Israeli Arabs and two graduates of the Israeli security services have teamed up in a start-up company that can turn your home into a safe “smart home”—control and monitor your entire home, all from your smart phone. The “smart home” is the latest in technology. A smart home allows you to run electrical appliances

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