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Israel Brings Clean Water to Ugandan Community

July 2, 2019
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Selda Edris and Mayes Morad, 26, were young water engineering students when they were first exposed to the poor living conditions [in] Uganda.

The two young engineers graduated and joined the HelpApp organization, which aims to provide humanitarian aid to developing African countries. Edris and Mayes made their dream come true when they were finally able to install a water purification device in a Ugandan community to allow the community to purify the water of a nearby swamp.

Before Edris and Morad arrived at the Ugandan community, all 900 school children from the region drank water from a nearby swamp that filled up in winter. The three schools in the community boiled the swamp water before drinking, but that was hardly enough. There was dire need for a safe solution.

According to Edris and Morad, finding a solution was challenging. However, they were finally able to install sinks and taps in the schools and connect them to a proper purification facility. When they were done, 900 children had running water.

“When I saw how happy they were when they just turned on the tap and water came out, I thought to myself: what in the world would make me, or my nieces and nephews who are the same age as these schools kids, feel so happy?” says Morad.

“The joy in a child’s eyes when he opens a tap to wash his hands and water comes out stayed with me,” Morad continued. “It’s difficult to imagine that there are children in this world who don’t have the most basic commodity—drinking water—just because they weren’t fortunate enough to be born in the right place.”

“We’ve helped hundreds of children, but we know there are many others in other parts of Uganda who don’t consider drinking water a given,” Edris says. “We want to come back to Uganda and initiate a larger scale operation.”

Source: Excerpt from an article by Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad, Ynetnews

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