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Inventions & Innovations

Artificial Cornea Transplants

Injuries and diseases of the cornea are a leading cause of blindness worldwide “with 20-30 million patients in need of a remedy and around 2 million new cases a year,” according to information from Almog Aley-Raz, vice president of research and development for CorNeat Vision. After much research, this Israeli company has introduced a process

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Wave of the Future

Finding solutions to the world’s dependence on fossil fuels has been the focus of environmental activists for many years and generating electricity from the ocean’s waves is not a new idea. However, Eco-Wave Power, an Israeli start-up company, has developed a unique wave energy converter that is low-cost, low-maintenance and “capable of producing large amounts

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Israeli Developers behind New iPhone X Tech

The new technologies unveiled at the launch event for the iPhone X can be traced to none other than the Start-up Nation, Israel. The X model, Apple’s newest and most advanced offering, boasts innovative face recognition capabilities, allowing users to unlock the device using a facial signature and creating animated emojis controlled by their own

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Israeli Doctors Implant New Ground-breaking Device in Patient with Heart Failure

Friday, 01 September 2017 | For the first time, doctors at an Israeli hospital implanted a device to assist a patient suffering from diastolic heart failure. The trial performed at Haifa’s Rambam Hospital implanted a device into the heart of a 72-year-old Canadian man, suffering from diastolic heart failure, who volunteered for the procedure after

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Energy Can Grow on Trees!

We’ve all heard the saying, “money doesn’t grow on trees” but now we can say that energy really can grow on trees! The “eTree” is an innovative Israeli idea that combines clean, green energy with an invitation to slow down and relax. Modeled after the acacia which provides welcome shade in the desert, the eTree

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New Israeli System Capable of Identifying Explosive Devices from Afar

Friday, 11 August 2017 | The Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has recently completed the development of the Counter Improvised Explosive Device and Mine Suite (CIMS) mobile system, integrating optic sensors with radars to expose roadside charges before military forces ever go near them. This new Israeli innovation will be able to protect soldiers against explosive

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Israeli Student Wins Award for Revolutionary Parkinson’s Detection Test

Thursday, 20 July 2017 | A doctoral student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem won an award for developing a test that could revolutionize early detection of Parkinson’s disease in patients, the university announced last week. The Kaye Innovation Award was given to Suaad Abd-Elhadi, who developed a diagnostic approach for detecting a specific protein,

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Mobility Means Freedom

One of the keys to independence is mobility—being able to move from place to place at will. For those who have suffered spinal cord injuries or perhaps a crippling illness, a wheelchair is the ticket to that mobility and independence. Today there are between five and eight million disabled children in the world who need

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Recycling Breakthrough!

We produce a lot of garbage in our instant, prepackaged society. Landfills around the world are overflowing with solid waste products. Yes, many people are recycling their plastics, paper and glass but can we do more? Infimer®, an Israeli company, has discovered a new process for treating unsorted garbage. The end result is an amazing

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Removing Viruses from Drinking Water

Researchers from Ben Gurion University (BGU) and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) have developed novel ultrafiltration membranes that significantly improve the virus-removal process from treated municipal wastewater used for drinking in water-scarce cities. Current membrane filtration methods require intensive energy to adequately remove pathogenic viruses without using chemicals like chlorine. Researchers at UIUC

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