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A Lifesaving Israeli Combat Robot

January 7, 2019

by: Yoav Zitun

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The Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure of the Ministry of Defense has completed the development stage of the Sahar system: a robotic engineering explorer, and has begun the testing phase.

The system was developed to carry out operational missions in various arenas, with an emphasis on dealing with explosives, and is one component of the robotic front guard concept.

The system consists of three components. The first is a six-ton robot platform capable of maneuvering alongside an armored combat vehicle with or without an operator’s intervention.

The second component is technological, including the robotic kit, a system with a variety of sensors: smart cameras, laser sensors, scanners and radars. The system can map a known obstacle in advance and, through pre-programmed logic, overcome it.

The third component of the robot developed by Israel Aerospace Industries is the task component: when the device identifies a danger, it transmits a warning report to the forces operating in the field about its exact placement.

The system is one of the most advanced in the area of ground robotics and indicates that the IDF [Israel Defense Force] is in a very advanced position in the field of UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles] by land, air and sea.

Head of the robotics department, Lt. Col. D., explains: “We are developing technologies that prevent risks to the fighters’ lives and a range of additional operational capabilities by operating a robotic advance guard that maneuvers ahead of the front line forces and enables daring on the battlefield.”

Source: Ynetnews

Photo Credit: Amos Ben Gershon/GPO

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