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Poll: Both Jews and Arabs Proud to be Israeli

March 25, 2015

An annual “state of the nation” survey conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute last week found that a firm majority of both Jews and Arabs are proud to call themselves Israeli. Unsurprisingly, 86 percent of Jewish respondents had no problem identifying with their nationality. But those who often characterize Israel as a racist state might

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Soldiers with Four Legs

Air Force bases are home to some of the most advanced military equipment and machinery in Israel. Combat jets, airborne ammunition and cutting-edge radar systems make these bases a strategic target for anyone trying to attack Israel. Protecting these bases is a top priority, and surprisingly on the forefront of this crucial task are four-legged

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Israeli Doctors Bring Smiles to Vietnamese Children

Operation Smile in action Every child deserves a future filled with hope. That is one of the core beliefs driving Operation Smile, a leading children’s medical charity that provides free cleft palate and lip surgeries in developing countries. Two Israeli doctors recently joined forces with Operation Smile to heal hundreds of smiles among Vietnamese children,

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Israel in Their Hearts: the Jewish State’s Honorary Consuls

The Jewish state’s honorary consuls Haim Zach/mfa.gov.il They are the long arm of Israeli diplomacy, and they aren’t even Israeli citizens. They help foster strong relations and open doors that would otherwise be shut. They are motivated by love for Israel, and, no, they receive no monetary compensation. In fact, they invest much of their

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Christian Citizens of Israel

Father Gabriel Naddaf /www.facebook.com Father Gabriel Nadaf, an Arab–Israeli priest from Nazareth, is a strong and vocal advocate for Israel and the freedom of religion that is guaranteed within its borders. Recently, he addressed the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, stating emphatically that, “Israel is the only place in the Middle East where Christians

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Israeli Salt Company Wins Prestigious Innovation Awards

Photo by www.salt.co.il The Israeli company Melach Haaretz—Salt of The Earth Ltd.—Israel’s major producer of salt since 1922, won three prestigious awards at the international competition for innovation held as part of the SIAL biennial food expo. The three winning products are unique, innovative and based on natural sea salt from the Red Sea: Wonder

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Israel’s Treatment of Palestinian Workers

A positive article in the Palestinian Authority’s official daily [newspaper] lauded Israel and Israeli employers of Palestinians for their positive employment ethics towards their Palestinian workers. The article explains that Palestinian workers get their full rights when employed by Israelis directly and that the only time they do not get their full rights is when

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Christian Priest to UN: Stop the Witch Hunt against Israel

Father Gabriel Naddaf While Middle East Muslim leaders were gathered at UN Headquarters in New York to lambast Israel, a local Christian cleric was addressing a different UN forum—the Human Rights Committee in Geneva—to set the record straight on freedom for minorities in the Jewish state. “Every five minutes, a Christian is killed in the

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Only 20 Years Old, She Has Foiled Two Terrorist Infiltrations

The IDF Field Intelligence Corps is responsible for monitoring Israel’s most sensitive borders. Hundreds of observers scan video monitors around the clock, searching for the smallest details. Corporal Lihi Meir They are the eyes of the nation, ensuring the safety of Israel’s civilians daily. Corporal Lihi Meir is one of the soldiers responsible for Gaza’s

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338 New Immigrants Arrive

Arrivals at Ben Gurion Airport Throughout the conflict with Hamas in Gaza, new immigrants continued to arrive. On one day in August, President Reuven Rivlin and Interior Minister Gidon Saar met 338 immigrants at the airport to welcome them to their new home. One hundred and eight were coming to join the IDF (Israel Defense

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