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When a Scorpion Meets a Camel

{image_1}Legend has it that a scorpion and a camel were sitting on the shores of the River Nile one hot summer’s day. The scorpion asks the camel to allow him to sit on his hump in order to ride to the other side. Scorpions, as is commonly known, can’t swim. Reluctantly the camel agrees. Half way across, the scorpion stings the camel. Realizing they’re now both going to drown, the startled camel asks the scorpion, ”Why?” With a grin, the scorpion answers, ”Welcome to the Middle East.”

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The Captive Is Set Free

{image_1}One of Gilad Shalit’s comments during his first interview upon his release was that he had imagined himself in captivity for many more years. And he was not alone. Although there was tremendous momentum worldwide to secure his freedom, many, if not most, authorities on the subject viewed it as a hopeless situation.

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Israel Readies for Rocket Barrage

{image_1}No one can say when the next war will come, but when it does, Israel’s main cities will almost certainly come under sustained bombardment by thousands of tons of warheads. That scenario has the military commanders responsible for protecting its citizens in a frenzy of preparedness. Across the country this summer, Israelis were subject to home front drills, sending people scurrying into shelters, sirens blaring and gas masks distributed. Defense planners want to use underground parking garages and road tunnels as massive bomb shelters.

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Propaganda – The Palestinians’ Political Warfare

{image_1}There is a word in Hebrew that is used often in certain segments of Israeli society that denotes a very important but strangely illusive concept for the modern state. The word is hasbara, and it refers to Israel’s public diplomacy efforts. It is a noun that actually means “explanation,” and many from Israel, including her Christian friends, are engaged in what is called “doing hasbara.” It is traditionally one of the few things that the nation of Israel has not excelled at.

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Back to 1967?

{image_1} It’s perhaps the most oft-mentioned year in Israeli–Palestinian diplomacy, and yet it might be the worst understood concept in the decades-old conflict. Discussed by politicians and commentators alike, the 1967 “borders” have been presented even by US President Barack Obama as a starting point for Israeli–Palestinian negotiations. There are numerous problems with that approach, not the least of which is that the 1967 lines are not borders, nor have they ever been.

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“Palestine” at the UN: Israeli Nightmare or Arab Pipe Dream?

{image_1}The scenario is presented as dramatic and disturbing: Sometime this September, the United Nations could recognize Palestinian statehood in terms Israel could never accept for historic or security reasons. As a result, it is feared Israel could be cast into a diplomatic tailspin that could culminate in international sanctions and even conflict. It’s presented as one of Israel’s worst nightmares, and opinions expressed in Israeli media from the Left and the Right are already sounding the alarm. But are the fears justified? Is Israel really facing its worst diplomatic crisis in decades? Or is the whole scenario a Palestinian fantasy?

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The Muslim Brotherhood

{image_1}As turmoil continues in the Middle East, one organization whose name has surfaced often is the Muslim Brotherhood. Some in Western media describe the Brotherhood as a moderate organization that eschews violence and stands on a platform of humanitarianism and democracy. Others portray the group as radical and militant, with a history of violence and a very political agenda. In the final analysis, perhaps there is some truth in both views.


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Gas Find Could Bring Peace or Conflict

{image_1} For years, it seemed that Israel was the only Middle Eastern nation lacking in oil and natural gas. More recently, however, Israel has gone from pauper to prince in the energy field in a short time, with large natural gas discoveries in the Mediterranean Sea inspiring dreams of energy independence, increased revenues, and perhaps even energy exports. But there is more potential to Israel’s energy discovery than just dollar signs. In a world where Israel’s friends seem to be shrinking in number, the Jewish state’s newly found resources offer the potential for political breakthroughs.

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Protest Tsunami Floods the West with Questions

While a number of nations in the Middle East typically receive extended news coverage, Tunisia wasn’t one of them. However, the popular protests in the Arab country that culminated in deposing the nation’s autocratic ruler have resulted in a tidal wave of uprisings and political turmoil making headlines from Egypt to Iran—and many places in between. Even Israel, the United States, and Europe have found themselves in the news regarding the Middle Eastern protests, as the toppling of dictatorships has far-reaching consequences in an already explosive region.

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Looking to the East


“Look to the east, young man,” could be the slogan for the coming decade and beyond as the world is increasingly impacted by the influence of China and other Asian nations. From matters of the economy to the military, science to space exploration, even tourism, the East is flexing its muscles, and the countries of the world are taking notice. Certainly not least among them is Israel.

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