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Prelude to Savagery: Iran Promotes Blood Libel of the Jews

July 7, 2015
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Throughout the 1930s, Hitler groomed his culture and his continent for unspeakable savagery. He did this by glorifying his country’s collective ego and asserting the racial superiority of ‘Aryans’ who were on the cusp of a millennium of global rule. He also did it by demonizing Jews as the primary obstacle to a golden age of Aryan oligarchy.

Today Iran is doing the same thing. Asserting the imminent appearance of a Muslim messiah, the Islamic Republic is “clearing the way,” doing whatever it takes to remove all opposition to the Mahdi (Muslim messiah) and his coming rule. The greatest of all obstacles for Iran? Israel. Preparing its people for “annihilation” of the Jewish state, the Islamic Republic has resurrected anti-Semitic blood libels against the Jews.

Iran’s unabashed goal is a global caliphate under the rule of an Islamic messiah called the Mahdi.

What must be done in preparation for the appearance of this Mahdi who will “bring about an eternally bright future for mankind”? According to Ahmadinejad’s admonition, the world must “join hands and clear the way for his eventual arrival with empathy and cooperation, in harmony and unity” (italics added).

Unworthy men and women and their ultimate expression of unworthiness, Israel, must be removed. Ahmadinejad’s assertion is a persistent message that continues to this day. Only two months ago, Iran’s ‘Supreme Leader’ Khamenei posted to his official Twitter account, “Once ppl in West #realize their problems stem from Zionist domination over govts, great social movements will give #birth to a new world.” According to Khamenei, Israel is a “barbaric, wolflike & infanticidal regime” that “spares no crime.” Accordingly, he says, it “has no cure but to be annihilated.”

Joining efforts to stimulate global hatred against Israel, Iranian media is promoting ancient blood libels against the Jewish people, and so by proxy the Jewish state.

On 2 May 2015, the Persian news website, Alef, published a lengthy essay; it included lots of pictures. Titled, “Who Are Human History’s Most Bloodthirsty People,” the article is illustrated with artwork and photos ‘proving’ Jewish human sacrifice in worship of their God.

Mehdi Khalaji, an Islamic theologian working for The Washington Institute, has analyzed the article. He writes, “Its anti-Semitic intentions are clear from the start.” Translating from Persian, Khalaji quotes the essay. “Blood shedding by Jews is not a new theme…Killing foreigners is [justified] in Jewish wisdom and teachings, and there is no difference between them and animals.”

In a thinly veiled reference to Tehran’s capability to construct a nuclear weapon in as little as a month, Iran’s Defense Ministry boasts, “If once the destruction and demise of occupying Israel was an impossible and unattainable dream, today thanks to the historic and intelligent actions of Imam Khomeini, it has become possible and is actually in the process of occurring.”

What is keeping Iran from attacking Israel today? From Iran’s statements, assaulting Israel is a question of when, not if.

Tehran knows that when it wages war with Israel, it will do so with necessary savagery to “annihilate” the state as it has pledged to do. The level of anticipated savagery is indicated by today’s demonization of Jews. Hoping to align with Allah’s “divine help” in stimulating both domestic and “global hatred of Israel,” Iran is preparing the way for its Mahdi.

Source: Brian Schrauger, News Bureau Chief​

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