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Meet Israel’s Anti-BDS Dream Team of Arab Minorities

Friday, 13 October 2017 |  An unlikely delegation of Arab, Muslim and Christian Israelis and Palestinians head for US and Europe to show ‘the beautiful face of Israel’ and urge BDS groups to stop their activities. A small, unlikely “dream team” delegation comprised entirely of minorities in Israel is preparing to embark on a trip

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A Call to Prayer

“Be favorable Lord our God toward Your people Israel and their prayer, and restore the service to the Holy of Holies of Your Temple.” Every day for thousands of years the Jewish people have prayed these words. Millions upon millions of prayers have gone up to the heavens directed toward one place, the Temple Mount

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Malicious Opportunity, Iran Using Syrian War to Expand Empire

Iran and Syria have long been allies in the fight against Israel and the West, with Iran generally the more powerful benefactor in the relationship. But the civil war in Syria—and Iran’s military involvement there—has given Iran the opportunity to not just help their ally, but to use them as a testing ground for a

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Why Israel Is Concerned about American-Russian Understandings on Syria

The agreement reached during the G-20 meetings in Hamburg between US President Trump and Russian President Putin on July 7, 2017, about establishing a de-escalation zone in southwestern Syria was accepted with mixed feelings in Israel. Jerusalem, of course, welcomes stability in the southern part of Syria. But Prime Minister Netanyahu voiced concern about the

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Jordan’s Refusal to Permit the Return of Israel’s Ambassador Is against International Law and the Peace Treaty

August 21, 2017

According to media reports, the Jordanian government is refusing to permit the return to Amman of Israel’s resident ambassador to Jordan.¹ The embassy staff was withdrawn by Israel in light of the recent tension between the two countries following the shooting by an Israeli security guard of an alleged Jordanian assailant and the fear that

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Metal Detectors and Palestinian Lies

July 25, 2017

The controversy surrounding the Israeli authorities’ decision to place metal detectors at the gates of the Temple Mount calls to mind the famous Arab saying, “he beat me and cried then came to me to complain.” This inversion of reality is common among perpetrators who pretend to be victims. The decision to install the metal

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Operation Good Neighbor: Israel Provides Tons of Medical Supplies, Food, Clothes to Syria

July 20, 2017

Thursday, 20 July 2017 | The Israeli army on Wednesday revealed for the first time the extent of its humanitarian aid to Syria, including lifesaving medication such as insulin, dozens of tons of clothes, and hundreds of thousands of liters of fuel and food, as part of “Operation Good Neighbor.” The IDF [Israel Defense Forces]

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French President, “Anti-Zionism is a Reinvention of Anti-Semitism”

Tuesday, 18 July 2017 | According to French president, Emmanuel Macron, anti-Zionism is the modern-day equivalent of anti-Semitism. The backdrop for this statement, which commentators hailed as “unprecedented” for a French leader in its support for Israel, was a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of an infamous Holocaust roundup in Paris that saw 13,152 Jews

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Taking the UNHRC to Task

Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) has made it a point to deal with inequities toward Israel at the UN. In May she penned an open letter in the Washington Post in which she took the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to task for its anti-Israel bias and unfair judgments against

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Arabs Want Peace with Israel, but Palestinians Do Not

Peace in the Middle East is more than just a dream. For multiple Arab nations and Israel, it’s already something of a reality—or at least close enough for now. That’s the opinion of Dr. Jonathan Spyer, a Middle East expert who told The Mideast Update that secretive relations between Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United

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