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Pope Recognizes Palestine: Tipping Point?

July 6, 2015

by: Brian Schrauger, Bridges for Peace News Bureau Chief

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Pope Francis The Roman Catholic Church announced in May that it has all but finalized a formal agreement with “the State of Palestine.” While it is not the first entity to do so, it might be the most significant. Because of its perceived moral authority, especially in the West, Rome’s official recognition may be the “tipping point” that results in a United Nations resolution that “creates” a sovereign state of Palestine apart from negotiations with Israel and contrary to its consent.

The Vatican’s official website announced that a formal agreement between “the Holy See and the State of Palestine…has been concluded.” The Holy See is Rome’s supreme authority for the Roman Catholic Church. As such, its decisions are more than statements of policy by a governmental body; they are, in fact, official doctrine for all of its churches worldwide.

Jewish organizations around the world are responding to the Vatican’s decision with concern, even alarm. The Washington Post reports the reaction of Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America.

“I’m shocked by the pope’s appeasement and collapsing in the face of radical Muslims,” said Klein. “I believe this is appeasing radical Muslims in an attempt to mitigate the continuing murdering of Christians in Africa and the Middle East.” And, he said, the move indicates a resurgence of “historical Catholic enmity towards Jews.”

Photo Credit: Casa Rosada/wikipedia.org

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