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The Desecration of Synagogues in Gaza

December 1, 2005
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“There are no synagogues here.”

Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), Chairman of the PA
Jerusalem Post, September 12, 2005

“We won’t allow any Wailing Walls [that the Jews might return to] on our blessed land.”
Ismail Haniyeh, A senior Hamas official in Gaza
Jerusalem Post, September 12, 2005


“The people have the right to do what they are doing.”
Palestinian police officer who watched crowds set fire to the

Netzarim synagogue
Ha’artz, September 13, 2005


“These last 48 hours [during which the desecrations began] were a test, and I think we passed.”
Ghassan al-Khatib, Palestinian cabinet minister
Reuters, September 13, 2005


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