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Gazan Journalist: ‘I’m Sick of Hamas Dictating My Life’

April 17, 2024

by: Alexandra Lukash, Einav Halabi ~ Ynetnews

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A Hamas propagandist poster glorifying terror

Wednesday, 17 April 2024 | Gazan journalist Sami Obeid said Tuesday that he “is sick of Hamas dictating his life. They can go to hell.” Obeid spoke in an interview with Ynet from Rafah, where he has been sheltering after evacuating there to escape the fighting.

“They know they’re causing immense harm to the residents. People here have nothing in life. Hamas doesn’t care about these residents. Hamas doesn’t care about Israeli hostages or Gazan residents,” he said.

“Israel cannot oust Hamas,” he said, “the residents of Gaza who have suffered immensely, can!”

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces [IDF] said its forces were conducting raids on the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, operating where displaced civilians were sheltering. Eyewitnesses told the Qatari Al-Araby channel that the intention of the troops, who arrested several people, was to evacuate and demolish the center.

The military spread leaflets on Tuesday warning Gaza residents against returning northward. “Urgent warning to all located southward of Nahal Oz. The IDF informs you that the northern area of Nahal Oz is considered a dangerous combat zone,” the leaflets read. “The IDF continues to fight against terror organizations. Any other information urging you to return to the north endangers you. Do not return northward.”

Posted on April 17, 2024

Source: (Excerpt from an article originally published Ynetnews on April 16, 2024. Time-related language has been modified to reflect our republication today. See original article at this link.)

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Photo License: Wikimedia