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No more oil changes?

March 2, 2005
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NanoLub is the world’s first synthetic lubricant to be based on spherical inorganic nanoparticles. As with other lubricants, its job is to reduce wear and friction between moving objects (like engine parts), enabling longer operation and higher efficiency. NanoLub dramatically outperforms every known commercial solid lubricant marketed today.

As its creator, ApNano Materials was recently selected by the United States investing journal Red Herring as one of the top 100 innovators that will drive global markets in 2005.

Red Herring’s selection is among the most prestigious awards bestowed today. It follows earlier recognition by the U.S. business research firm InnovationWORLD (ApNano was listed among its InnovationWORLD 21 companies last October). Israel’s business daily the Marker has also recently recognized ApNano’s achievements, dubbing CEO Menachem Genut as one of Israel’s most promising entrepreneurs.

The search for a perfect lubricant—that is, one that never requires replacement—is an old one. In the last century, synthetic additives extended the effectiveness of age-old lubricants such as oil. ApNano’s product is the result of the pioneering research performed by Professor Reshef Tenne, ApNano CEO Genut, and others in the Department of Materials and Interfaces at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

For further information, please contact the R&D Center of ApNano Materials: NanoMaterials Ltd., Weizmann Science Park, 2 Holtzman Street, Rehovot 76124, Israel;  Tel: 972-8-931-8690; FAX: 972-8-931-8693; E-mail: rd@apnano.com; Web site: www.apnano.com


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