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Israel’s Military Strength Revealed

March 14, 2005
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The report also said that the IDF has 16 divisions, 3,700 tanks (down 230 from the previous year), and 7,710 armored personnel carriers (down 290 from the previous year). The air force showed a reduction in all its aircraft: combat (518 compared to 538), transport (58 compared to 64), and helicopters (205 compared to 239). The defense budget in 2003 was US $8.72 billion.

By comparison, Syria has 289,000 full-time troops, down nearly 90,000 from 2002. It can call up 132,500 reservists and fields 12 divisions. The report says that Syria has 200 Scud B missiles, 80 Scud Cs, and 45 launchers of various types. Its defense expenditure in 2003 was US $1.36 billion.

Egypt's military was holding steady at 450,000 troops, with an additional 254,000 reservists. The report said Egypt had allegedly acquired 24 No-Dong missiles, capable of striking Israel, and had a stockpile of mustard and nerve agents. Egypt's 2003 defense budget was not available, but in 2002 it was US $2.75 billion.


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