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Gazans Curse Hamas as the Cause of their Suffering

February 1, 2024

by: Yoav Zitun, Einav Halabi ~ Ynetnews

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Gazan refugees have been recorded criticizing the leaders of Hamas in front of IDF fighters (illustrative).

Thursday, 1 February 2024 | Soldiers manning the humanitarian corridor opened to allow civilians to leave Khan Younis to safe zones in Gaza were surprised when some Gazans approached them and told them in Hebrew that UNRWA [United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees], the United Nations [UN] body established to care for Palestinian refugees, was bad. “&*#)@ UNRWA,” one man said.

More than 100,000 Gazans passed through the humanitarian corridor leading out of Khan Younis this week. About 300 of them were identified as terrorists trying to escape, and were taken for questioning. Others were seen in video clips filmed by the troops greeting the soldiers.

“May God bless you,” an old man said before cursing UNRWA. In another video, posted by the Israel Defense Forces [IDF] Arabic Spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Avichay Adraee, some of those evacuating from the city are recorded cursing Hamas and mocking the terror group as they asked where they were. “The Gazans hate Hamas, which is the only source and the only cause of all the suffering and destruction in Gaza,” Adraee said.

In another video published on Wednesday, a desperate Gazan refugee on the way from Khan Younis to Rafah was recorded criticizing the leaders of Hamas in front of IDF fighters. “Don’t leave here,” he said in Hebrew.

In additional videos from Khan Yunis released by the IDF in recent weeks, crowds of Gazans were seen in the humanitarian corridor west of Khan Yunis chanting, “The people want to overthrow Hamas.”

“In recent days we see more and more public criticism voiced by the residents of Gaza against the terrorist organization Hamas,” The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories [COGAT], Major General Ghasan Alyan, said. “The residents of the Gaza Strip rightly prefer their well-being and the safety of their children over the continued military build-up by Hamas and the act of terror that harm them and their future.”

The Gazans who evacuate through the humanitarian corridor carry a lot of equipment with them, knowing that, most likely, they would not be able to return to their homes soon. They moved on foot as well as on carts pulled by donkeys and in vehicles towards the humanitarian area in Al-Mawasi—which is about 600 meters [1,969 ft.] from the checkpoint. At this stage of the IDF’s operation, several thousand residents remained in the refugee camp in Khan Younis.

Posted on February 1, 2024

Source: (This article originally was published by Ynetnews on January 31, 2024. Time-related language has been modified to reflect our republication today. See original article at this link.)

Photo Credit: CentredecriseMAEDI/

Photo License: Wikimedia