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The Rite of Celebration: Pomegranate-Orange Salad

September 20, 2005

By Charleeda Sprinkle

“Celebrate the Feast to the Lord your God …” Deut. 16:15

One of the things I have enjoyed witnessing here in Israel is the way Jews celebrate. Marvin Wilson, in his book Our Father Abraham, notes that while Westerners tend to be reserved with their emotions, “the Hebrews…gave vent unashamedly to their feelings, for each emotion had a time appropriate for its expression…Since Bible times, the various holidays and rites of passage throughout life have provided particular opportunities for Jewish people to rejoice and to celebrate.”

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Israel’s Amazing Variety of Foods: Hot Avocado Soup

August 8, 2005

What’s new on the Israeli menu? The variety of foods in Israel is amazing due to the fact that her immigrants come from well over 100 nations, bringing their favorite recipes, which then get blended into new taste sensations.

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Honey in the Land of the Bible

June 1, 2005

Israel has always been known as the “Land of Milk and Honey.” It was and is the Promised Land of God for His people Israel. The term “milk and honey” refers to a land that can sustain animals that give milk and flowering trees and vegetation that supply fruit and nectar for bees.

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