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Your Plan to Destroy Israel Will Fail

Israel is being hounded on every side, menaced from outside her borders and from within: acts of terrorism in her streets, the existential threat of Iran’s nuclear build-up and the arming of its terror proxies, and the world’s “deafening silence” in response to the rabid cries for her destruction. This is Israel’s response:  “Seventy years

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Iran Nuclear Deal—a “Stunning, Historic Mistake”

Israel “The ruler of Iran, the Ayatollah Khamenei, says after this agreement is concluded that he’s going to continue the battle against the United States. He’s going to continue supporting terrorists in the Middle East and in the world. He’s committed to Israel’s destruction…This is a very bad deal with a very bad regime. It’s

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Iran Cannot Be Trusted

Netanyahu on Israel’s Security “The survival of Israel is non-negotiable,” he said. “Israel will not accept an agreement which allows a country that vows to annihilate us to develop nuclear weapons. Period.” Netanyahu on Framework Agreement Struck with Iran “Iran said that ‘The destruction of Israel is non-negotiable,’ and in these fateful days Iran is

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Israel—Standing Strong

Anti-Semitism Is Exploding Globally “The Holocaust did not cure the world of anti-Semitism,” Netanyahu said at Yad Vashem. Instead, “hatred of the Jews has returned in full force.” “Once again in Europe and elsewhere,” Netanyahu warned, “Jews are being slandered, vilified and targeted just for being Jews. This is taking place in the intolerant Middle

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Jerusalem—City of God

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “We are in a battle for Jerusalem, our eternal capital.” —posted on his Twitter account “I often hear [Palestinians] accuse Israel of Judaizing Jerusalem. That’s like accusing America of Americanizing Washington, or the British of Anglicizing London. You know why we’re called ‘Jews’? Because we come from Judea.” —addressing the United

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Who Is Responsible for the Violence in Jerusalem?

“We are witnessing a very serious escalation in Jerusalem. [It] is on the verge of becoming an intifada.” —Science and Technology Minister (Yesh Atid), Yaakov Perry, formerly the head of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) Nir Barkat, Jerusalem Mayor Photo by Chatham House/Wikipedia.org “We must restore peace and security in Jerusalem—as I have said

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Israel’s Enemies Speak

Muslims In Gaza “Thousands of fighters above ground and thousands underground have been preparing in silence for the campaign to liberate Palestine. This is a generation which knows no fear. It is the generation of the missile, the tunnel and suicide operations.”  ~Ismail Haniyeh,  senior political leader of Hamas In the West Bank “We might

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Hamas and Fatah Unification—the End of Oslo?

Hamas Photo credit: www.idfblog.com “Ismail Haniyeh [Hamas Prime Minister], told a large crowd of [Hamas] supporters in Rafah on June 1 that the reconciliation is meant to unify the Palestinian people against the main enemy, ‘the Zionist enemy,’ and to continue with the option of resistance and resolve.” [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida] “We think that the path

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Palestinian Militancy

www.wiipedia.org/ManaralZraiy Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi: “A national enterprise cannot succeed without the National Liberation Movement, Fatah. We in this movement have not cast down the rifle and have not let go of the rifle. The rifle is here! The method of struggle we are adopting now (i.e., negotiations) is [only] one of the

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Prime Minister Netanyahu Speaks

On Syria “…My friends, I’ve come here to draw a clear line. “You know that I like to draw lines, especially red ones. But the line I want to draw today is the line between life and death, between right and wrong, between the blessings of a brilliant future and the curses of a dark

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