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Your Plan to Destroy Israel Will Fail

November 11, 2015
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Israel is being hounded on every side, menaced from outside her borders and from within: acts of terrorism in her streets, the existential threat of Iran’s nuclear build-up and the arming of its terror proxies, and the world’s “deafening silence” in response to the rabid cries for her destruction. This is Israel’s response:

Prime Minister Netanyahu
Photo by Ashernet
“Seventy years after the murder of six million Jews, Iran’s rulers promise to destroy my country. And the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of the governments represented here has been…absolutely nothing. Utter silence. Deafening silence.

“Don’t think that Iran is only a danger to Israel. Those intercontinental missiles that Iran is building? They’re not meant for us. They’re meant for you. For Europe. For America. For raining down mass destruction—anytime, anywhere.

“Throughout our history, the Jewish people have learned the heavy price of silence…And as the prime minister of the Jewish State…I refuse to be silent. The days when the Jewish people remain passive in the face of genocidal enemies—those days are over.

“Here’s my message to the rulers of Iran. Your plan to destroy Israel will fail. Israel will not permit any force on earth to threaten its future. And here’s my message to all the countries represented here: Whatever resolutions you may adopt in this building, whatever decisions you may take in your capitals, Israel will do whatever it must do to defend our state and to defend our people.

“Ten miles from ISIS, a few hundred yards from Iran’s murderous proxies, Israel stands in the breach, proudly and courageously defending freedom and progress. Israel is civilization’s front line in the battle against barbarism…Stand with Israel…because Israel is not just defending itself. More than ever, Israel is defending you!”—Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking to the United Nations General Assembly

President Reuvin Rivlin
“Bloodthirsty murderers claimed the lives of a mother and a father, leaving their young children orphaned. The heart breaks at the magnitude of such cruelty and hatred…We will continue in our brave and unwavering fight against this cruel and heinous terrorism—of this our enemies can be sure.”
 President Reuven Rivlin, condemning a terrorist attack that killed an Israeli mother and father

“Our enemies know how to hurt us, but will not defeat us. The fight against terrorism requires determination and inner fortitude. We will reach the killers of the innocent and pure, and we will reach their inciters and their dispatchers, and will deliver them a stinging blow.”President Reuven Rivlin, delivering the eulogy at the funeral of Rabbi Nehemia Lavi,    Government Press Office press release

“This evening, the third day of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, a rocket was fired at southern Israel sending the residents of Ashdod as well as several surrounding communities to nearby bomb shelters. Hamas is responsible and will be held accountable for every attack emanating from the Gaza Strip. The IDF will continue defending all Israelis who are repeatedly attacked by such blatant acts of aggression.”IDF Spokesman, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, Bridges for Peace News Bureau

Lt.Col. Peter Lerner
“A stabbing in Jerusalem. A Stabbing in Kiryat Gat. A Stabbing in Petah Tikva. An attempted lynch in Tekoa. A car rammed into a checkpoint.
While the terrorists must think they are on to something…it took 17 seconds for our ‘Duvdevan’ Special Forces unit to arrest three Palestinians that together with a crowd of about 300 were attacking anybody traveling the main road to Jerusalem.

“Special Forces, a small, select group of men, infiltrated the masses and posed as Palestinians. In the few seconds when they activated their mission, they scared everybody around to disperse. These guys are courageous, daring and are putting themselves at risk for the rest of us. Two words – THANK YOU.”—IDF Spokesman, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, Facebook

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon
“The projectiles which landed in Israeli territory were fired from Syrian artillery pieces which are currently involved in the fighting there, are a challenge to our sovereignty, and a crossing of our ‘red lines.’ We view the Syrian regime and its army as responsible for happenings in its territory…and we will act in order to prevent these attempts to harm Israel’s security.”—
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, Ynet News

“We are intolerant toward any breach of our sovereignty. Like the Russian and Iranian presence in Syria, we [have] made clear to the Russians that we have no intention of abandoning our ability to defend our interests. And I suggest that no one test us.”Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, Bridges for Peace News Bureau

“ISIS is not far from us, but they are not the only potential danger for us in the region. We shouldn’t overstate the ISIS threat and we can’t forget that the most pressing threat is from radical Shia Islam, led by Hezbollah. The idea of building underground tunnels is not foreign to Hezbollah. We should assume they have them and prepare accordingly.

“It is clear to everyone that the challenge we face here [the northern front] is much bigger [than Gaza] and will require much more from us. We will have to be ready to bring a defeat [to the enemy] quickly in order to stop the threat to our citizens.”General Yair Golan, IDF Deputy Chief of Staff, IDF blog

An Extraordinary Egyptian Response

“The problem is with Arabs’ education that for many years has fed children insulting thoughts about Israel. When I started speaking with Israelis they were better than my family. I despised myself for having hated Israel without justification.

“Your [Israel’s] neighbors see you as the great Satan and despite that you still manage to hold back your strength and maintain your goodness and the too-good treatment of those who wish you death.”Egyptian Sharif Gaber, speaking about his support for Israel, Ynetnews


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