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The War between Good and Evil

January 11, 2016
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Frederic Legrand-Comeo/shutterstock.com “We are facing a third world war against humanity and this is what brings us all together. This is a war, as I’ve said repeatedly, within Islam.” [Groups such as IS] expose themselves daily as savage outlaws of religion, devoid of humanity, respecting no laws and no boundaries…It’s clearly a fight between good and evil.”

–King Abdullah II of Jordan, speaking at a press conference, Agence France-Presse

“Whoever condemned the attacks in France needs to condemn the attacks in Israel. It’s the same terror. Whoever does not do this is a hypocrite and blind.”

–Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel GPO

“The goal of terrorism is to instill fear and interrupt the activities that comprise our everyday existence. By restoring routine, we demonstrate the resilience of our residents and send a strong message to terrorism and its perpetrators: we will not succumb…Our fight against terror is a global one and we must stand united in this battle, joining together to target the evil forces that seek to destroy us. Jerusalemites and Parisians share the same spirit of resilience…When we stand united and strong, we are invincible.”

–Nir Birkat, Mayor of Jerusalem, in an open letter to Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, after a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, France

“The finest moment in our destiny is when we meet God as shaheeds (martyrs) in Al-Aqsa Mosque…The streets of Jerusalem will be purified by the blood of the innocents whose souls were taken by the Israeli occupation soldiers…It is impossible to live in coexistence with the ‘Occupation’ (i.e. Israel) and its presence in Al-Aqsa, and the solution is its disappearance forever.”

–Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel

“All free nations are facing the threat of radical Islam, which is the product of hate not of faith, and all of us must work together against this great evil…Sadly of course, in Israel we are not strangers to the horrors of terrorism. The pain is the same, in Tel Aviv, as it is Paris, in Gush Etzion, as it is in Mali.”

–President Rivlin, during a press conference with John Kerry, Israel GPO

Ashernet “We believe that the entire international community should support this effort. It’s not only our battle; it’s everyone’s battle. It’s the battle of civilization against barbarism.”

–Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during a press conference with John Kerry, Israel GPO

“We thought we would be busy with celebrations, but we are busy with mourners. The pain is just too great. [However] we will get married and carry on. Life does not stop. We will bring the joy back to our families. We will continue where they left off. We will build a home, based on my father’s path and Netanel’s pathThe terrorists will not ruin our way of life. God will give us strength in the future as He is giving it to us now.”

–Bride-to-be Sara Litman, speaking about the murders of her father and brother, Arutz Sheva

“Israel’s presence here in the Middle East is the only thing that stops the collapse of this part of the Middle East, the flow of greater military forces and of more immigrants from the region. Terrorism is always a war crime. There is no good terrorism. Terrorism is always evil. The Islamists are using terrorism in order to fight against innocent people and to conceal their crimes via Islam. Our shared agenda is to defeat terrorism at any price.”

–Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Jerusalem Post Conference in Jerusalem

“The world is in for a tense time of possible nuclear brinksmanship. If the United States and the other NATO countries blink, NATO is no more, and Putin has achieved his major goal. We must worry whether the Western world is led by leaders up to the task. There should be some sleepless nights in Berlin, London, Paris and Washington D.C.”

–Journalist Paul Roderick Gregory, writing for Forbes

“The massive arsenal of advanced weaponry Hezbollah has amassed since it last faced off with Israel in the 2006 Second Lebanon War, the technological advances it has made, and the battlefield experience it has gained in Syria, have all helped turn Hezbollah into what could be Israel’s most dangerous enemy in a generation.”

–Shai Oseran and Stéphane Cohen, The Israel Project, The Tower Magazine

“With no corporate sense of good versus evil, democratic states find themselves unable to lead the world toward meaningful human rights. Disdaining deity to be their moral compass, they open wide their doors to religious fascists. The only ones who will fight the ISIS cancer, really fight it, are pre-existing authoritarian states with their own agendas for world domination.

“Across the globe, as the light of human freedom flickers, a robust blaze is beginning to burn. It is a fire that offers the warmth of security to a frightened world that is moving toward the shadows, toward a night of tyranny. Israel, imperfect as it is and like it or not, may be the only exception. In such a time as this.”

–Brian Schrauger, News Bureau Chief, Bridges for Peace


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