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Propaganda – The Palestinians’ Political Warfare

{image_1}There is a word in Hebrew that is used often in certain segments of Israeli society that denotes a very important but strangely illusive concept for the modern state. The word is hasbara, and it refers to Israel’s public diplomacy efforts. It is a noun that actually means “explanation,” and many from Israel, including her Christian friends, are engaged in what is called “doing hasbara.” It is traditionally one of the few things that the nation of Israel has not excelled at.

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The Ugly Truth about Genocide

{image_1} In recent years, the concept of genocide has found its way into the Palestinian propaganda machine with dozens of such accusations being leveled against Israel from journalists, politicians, and clerics. Israel has been called a Nazi, or genocidal, state that kills children, thrives on the blood of its enemies, and is bent on the destruction of the Palestinian people. The gravity of such charges requires a closer look at the context of the allegations as well as a clear understanding of exactly how the international community has defined genocide.

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Yemin Orde: A Home for Life

{image_1} The first week of December 2010, a raging fire, lasting 82 hours, swept across the Carmel mountain range overlooking Haifa. Yemin Orde, a youth village which is home to 500 Israeli students, was directly in its path and was quickly evacuated. Staff returned but when they saw a fire ball approaching, they too left with the feeling that everything would be burned down. In the end, 40% of the buildings were destroyed, including two dozen houses (for 58 staff members), classrooms, the library, and dormitories. For a month, students were housed elsewhere.

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Principles of Jewish Prayer

{image_1} Prayer is a precious privilege and a sacred obligation, one that should be exercised, cultivated, and developed by every believer and community of faith. A study of Jewish prayer can illuminate and enrich our understanding and practice of this “service of the heart.”

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Israelis Save Arab Baby

{image_1} Less than a week after the March 11 Fogel family massacre, settlers helped bring new life into the world. Israel Defense Forces [IDF] and local paramedics helped save the life of a Palestinian woman and her newly born infant on March 16 in the settlement [in the West Bank or Judea–Samaria] where Fogel relatives were sitting shiva [a seven-day mourning period] for five of their family members.

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New Tool for Predicting Earthquakes

{image_1} As Japan continues to pick up the pieces after its devastating earthquake and tsunami, Israeli geologists have unveiled a new tool that allows researchers to learn critical lessons for the future by understanding patterns of seismic activity in the past. Developed by Professor Shmuel Marco of Tel Aviv University, the tool, which he calls a “fossil seismograph,” examines geological formations to find historical patterns of earthquakes reaching far back into the ancient past.

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Israel Brings Hope to Japanese Survivors

{image_1} As soon as the news of a massive 9.1 earthquake and subsequent tsunami striking Japan was known, Israel was offering her services. Israel, although small in size, has a huge heart. As soon as disaster strikes anywhere in the world, Israel is one of the first to offer help. I believe this partially fulfills the promise that God made to Abraham in Genesis 12:3b: “…in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

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A Glass Tribute

{image_1} Much has been written about the contributions Jewish people worldwide have made in cultural, scientific, and technological fields in modern times. It has been noted that though they only comprise 0.25% of the world’s population, they make up 22% of all Nobel Prize winners. Their contribution has also impacted the arts, and one of today’s greatest contributors is Dale Chihuly, a world renowned glass artist. In December, he opened a four-month long exhibit in Tel Aviv, featuring about 100 of his works, 10 of which were created specifically for that exhibit.

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Below the Lines

{image_1} The need for potable water has reached critical proportions in Israel because of a seven-year drought, as reported in the February Dispatch. Internet sites record every millimeter of rain that falls on a daily basis. However, that information can be somewhat difficult to comprehend, especially those for the Sea of Galilee (or Kinneret). What are the two “red lines” often referred to? And what about the “black line”? How much water is needed to get from one to the other, and what are the consequences of falling below any one or all three lines?

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The Muslim Brotherhood

{image_1}As turmoil continues in the Middle East, one organization whose name has surfaced often is the Muslim Brotherhood. Some in Western media describe the Brotherhood as a moderate organization that eschews violence and stands on a platform of humanitarianism and democracy. Others portray the group as radical and militant, with a history of violence and a very political agenda. In the final analysis, perhaps there is some truth in both views.


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