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The Jordan River—Restoring a Legend

The weighty mantle of mystique rests heavily on Israel’s main river, the Jordan. In fact, everything about the Jordan River is on a legendary scale—except its actual size. Even at its deepest and widest, it’s surprisingly small (averaging 2m [6.5 ft] deep and 10m [32.8 ft] wide), considering its historical, economic and spiritual import to

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Servant-based Discipleship, Where Discipleship began

Eighteen young people, representing six different nations, sat gathered beneath the same dark sky which served as a canopy thousands of years ago, a witness to the wanderings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It was under this sky that Moses sent the spies to the hill country. Now, under this dark sky, with trillions of

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2015—The Good, the Bad and the Exceptional

Calling Israel “no ordinary country” is somewhat of an understatement. Here, the miraculous serve as the building blocks of history, cemented by the Keeper of Israel’s faithfulness. Here, no day is ordinary, no chain of events random and no news headline arbitrary. 2015 was no different. Walk with me as we explore the good, the

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Israeli Sea Power

Matan Portnoy/IDF Spokesperson Unit Because Israel is a nation surrounded by foes, it relies heavily on the strength of its military, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The olive green fatigues worn by the ground forces are probably the first thing you think about when you hear the term IDF. Although perhaps less visible than its

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The UN and Israel, a Record of Systematic Abuse

It is no secret that the United Nations seems to harbor an irrational dislike for the nation of Israel. Since the inception of the State in 1948, no other international body has vilified the Jewish nation as vehemently, or as often, as the UN. And therein lies the irony. Were it not for that august

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Russia on the Move

Israel has a new neighbor. Fully awakened from its Cold War hibernation, Russia is on the move. It is huge, hungry, charismatic and dangerous. Suddenly, and without firing a single shot, it has formed a coalition with Iran and, apparently, China to replace US and European superpower leadership in the Middle East. It is a

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Simchat Torah – Rejoicing with the Beloved

ChameleonsEye/shutterstock.com Thousands of years ago, King David poured out his passion for the Word of God in a skillful song. “Oh how I love Your Torah!” he sang, “It is my meditation all the day” (Ps. 119:97). Today, some three millennia later, the same heart of love still beats within the descendants of Israel’s famous

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Standing in Your Gates, O Jerusalem!

Panorama of Old City Todd Bolen/bibleplaces.com From an alcove nestled into one of Jerusalem’s gateways, passersby hear the strains of a violin echo off the ancient stones. At another gate, a marketplace hums with merchants peddling their wares; and at yet another, an exuberant bar mitzvah procession winds its way toward the Western Wall. These

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Blood Money, How Iran Can Spend Billions on Terrorism

Maslowski Marcin/Drop of Light/shutterstock.com What would you do with $30-$50 billion? In all likelihood, buying missiles for terrorists, sponsoring rebels to overthrow nearby governments and subsidizing a brutal dictator wouldn’t immediately come to mind. That is, unless you’re Iran. Over the next couple of years, Iran is expected to reap tens of billions of dollars

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The (Nuclear) Race Is On

It’s a pretty common thing in most societies to acknowledge events of communal importance with parades, picnics, somber gatherings, or some combination thereof. The United Nations has even created a list of such days to encourage the recognition of events and concepts that have international relevance. For instance, there is a specific day set aside

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