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The Beautiful Land: Biblical Flora of the Holy Land

The Holy Land of today is rich with vegetation of every description. Ancient Israel would have looked even more lush. The cedars of Lebanon were famous throughout the known world; Bashan had towering pines and oaks; and the Jordan Valley was treed with date palms. Olives, figs, pomegranates and grapes made the land fruitful. From

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A Recipe for Happiness

What could be worse than finding out that you somehow missed a holiday? Gone is your opportunity to sleep in, have a barbecue or spend a leisurely day with friends. But that’s what has been happening to most of us since 2012 when the 193 members of the UN General Assembly voted unanimously to set

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Upping the Ante, Iran Intensifies Public Hatred of Israel—Here’s Why

Words are cheap—unless they are written on ballistic missiles. And when Iranian media publicized that wiping Israel off the earth had literally been written, in Hebrew, on missiles tested by Iran, that was an expensive and deadly serious message. That brazen rhetoric was sandwiched between two threats from the leader of Iranian-proxy Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan

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Israel Aid Teams Bring Relief to Disaster-stricken Japan

Once again, Israelis were the first on the ground, bringing much-needed relief in response to two devastating earthquakes that shook Japan’s Kumamoto province in April of this year. Nearly 50 people were killed and thousands injured by the powerful quakes. The tremors resulted in dangerous landslides and caused large-scale damage to roads, bridges and other

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Something of Home for Everyone

I chose to take my first trip to Israel in the winter. To my uninformed mind, the choice made perfect sense. Israel, I believed, was a desert country, a barren strip of sandy expanses and rocky outcrops, interspersed by the Sea of Galilee, Jordan River and other water bodies made famous by Scripture. Summers would

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Dangerous, Defiant, and Declining?

A Look at Saudi Arabia and Their Fight with Iran Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you guns. The Saudis have been spending plenty of their oil money on weapons, wars and more. There are even rumors the Saudis have already put money towards nuclear weapons. Yet, time and again, the Saudis

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Hitler Returns

The world does not know it, or does not want to, but the historical record is undeniable: admiration of Adolph Hitler has been part-and-parcel of the Palestinian movement since the Fuhrer came to power in 1933. For this reason, it is a sober but not surprising reality that Hitler’s popularity is making a strong comeback

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The God of Israel vs. the gods of the Age

Passover is the most widely celebrated of all Jewish festivals with the vast majority of Jewish people worldwide acknowledging the holiday in one way or another. This year, the festivities begin on Friday evening April 22 and end April 29. For the strictly observant, the routine activities of going to work or school and carrying

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Accidentally On-purpose Misreading Christian Documents

Dr. Faydra Shapiro is a specialist in contemporary Jewish–Christian relations, with a focus on evangelical Christian–Jewish relations, and has published and presented extensively on the topic of Christian Zionism and evangelical Christian support for Israel. In addition to being a scholar, teacher and author, Dr. Shapiro is a wife and mother, and a trusted friend

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Hebron: City of Promise

We are traveling 20 miles south of Jerusalem to the city of Hebron along Route 60, a modern freeway that follows the ancient Path of the Patriarchs. The beautiful terraced hills of Judea are covered with abundant vineyards and olive groves—a reminder of the legendary grape cluster carried back to Joshua on the shoulders of

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