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Divine Buzz

December 3, 2013
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Ethiopian-born Emahoy Tsegue-Mariam Gebru, who has lived in isolation for more than three decades, had the classical world’s music experts abuzz with divine inspiration.

Critics who had come across her recordings before had dubbed her a “musical treasure.” But it wasn’t until the Israeli event that the music world would know how prolific she has been.

Israeli musician Maya Dunietz worked for seven months transcribing Gebru’s compositions into a book format. Following three concerts dedicated to Gebru’s compositions, Dunietz and a group of Israeli musicians are now working to release a new recording of her music in the coming year, and perhaps even another book of her compositions.

“The wonderful thing about this project is it happened while she was still alive. She was able to see and hear others play and sing her music,” orchestral conductor Ilan Volkov, Dunietz’s husband, tells ISRAEL21c. “She dreamed of getting recognized for what she does. These concerts showed her what could have been.” Read more

Source: By Viva Sarah Press, ISRAEL21c

Photo Credit: Tal Shachar/Jerusalem Season of Culture

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