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War on Children

Dispatch from Jerusalem

Helping Farmers Predict the Future

When major international companies came to talk at Israel’s Agrivest conference in Tel Aviv, better predictive software to minimize farmers’ risks was the most requested “dream technology” from Israel, according to panel speakers. While no company can ever predict everything that Mother Nature has in store, one Israeli startup company, ScanTask, may have the answer

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Rabies “Hijacks” Neurons to Attack the Brain

 Rabies causes acute inflammation of the brain, producing psychosis and violent aggression. The virus, which paralyzes the body’s internal organs, is always deadly for those unable to obtain vaccines in time. Some 55,000 people die from rabies every year. For the first time, Tel Aviv University [TAU] scientists have discovered the exact mechanism this killer

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Every so often, a word makes its way into the public consciousness, stepping from the shadows into the forefront of discussion, debate and media attention. “Apartheid” is just such a word, coming originally from Afrikaans where its literal meaning is “the state of being apart.” It is used to describe the system of racial segregation

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The Zealous Israel Project

Servanthood–based Discipleship, Where Discipleship Began Over 2,000 years ago a carpenter from Nazareth left His home and called unto Himself 12 men to walk in His footsteps, to cling to His every word. In the tradition of all Jewish disciples of that day, these men would begin to walk out the teachings of their rabbi.

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Attention: Aspiring Archaeologists

A new App, designed in collaboration with Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) archaeologists, Dig Quest Israel, will transform a child’s (ages 7–11) iPhone or iPad into an archaeological tool and let them play games to hone their skills, discover secret meanings, solve puzzles and piece the past together like true archaeologists.   As they play, kids

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Ancient Fortifications near Gaza Border

Fortifications ranging back 2,500 years have been unearthed by archaeologists near Israel’s border with Gaza. The structure, which was found together with arms, indicates the site was a fortified military barracks or community, and is dated back to the fourth-century Persian Empire’s war with Alexander the Great. Ironically, at present, the location—Israeli community Netiv HaAsara—is

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Fascinating Finds at Hippos-Sussita

The past 15 excavation seasons at Hippos-Sussita, run by archaeologists from the Zinman Institute of Archaeology at the University of Haifa, have provided a constant flow of fascinating discoveries.   The city of Hippos-Sussita, which was founded in the second century BC, experienced two strong and well-documented earthquakes. The first in the year AD 363

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Threat of War from Israel’s North ‘Significantly Greater’ than Gaza

The retiring head of Israel’s Northern Command, Major General Yair Golan, has warned that the threat of war from Israel’s northern border is “many times greater” than Gaza. In an interview on Israel’s Army Radio, he said, “in case of war with the North, the threat will be significantly greater than what we have seen

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Netanyahu: “We are in a battle for Jerusalem, our eternal capital”

 “We are in the midst of a terrorist assault focused on Jerusalem. During morning prayers [last November], as they were wrapped in prayer shawls and tefillin, four rabbis were slaughtered, four innocent and pure Jews…The human animals who perpetrated this slaughter were full of…deep hatred and terrible incitement against the Jewish people and its state.

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Egypt’s War against Gaza Terrorism

Photo by Marius Arnesen/wikipedia.org Egypt is constructing a security zone along Gaza’s southern border, the so-called Rafah buffer. It is a strip 14 kilometers [8.7 mi] long and about one-half kilometer [.3 mi] wide. The rapid, even ruthless, imposition of the zone is in response to an attack in Sinai that killed 33 of Egypt’s

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