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Jerusalem—the Heart of a Nation

January 20, 2015

by: Kathy DeGagne, BFP Staff Writer

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“You (Jerusalem) shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God” (Isa. 62:3 NASB).

Jerusalem—it’s a name that has aroused wonder in the hearts of countless people for millennia. In AD 70, the heart and soul of the nation of Israel was ripped out by the Roman Empire; Jerusalem was razed, its people slaughtered or exiled. The land lay desolate for centuries; a remnant forsaken, empty of all but hope. The city of Jerusalem became the enduring focus of the Jewish longing to return to the land of their forefathers.

In 1948 the nation of Israel was reborn. For the first time in 2,000 years, the Jewish people had a place to call home. They came by the thousands from every corner of the globe, to till fields, to plant vineyards, to build cities, to reclaim the land from the desert. The struggle of those early pioneers established a land virtually dripping with milk and honey.

Jerusalem became a city resurrected from dust and ruin; vibrant and multi-faceted, a place bustling with energy, its ancient stones reawakened to new life—the heart and soul of a nation reborn.

In this photo essay, our photographers combed the streets of Jerusalem in pursuit of images that capture the essence of the city, its people, its spirit, and what makes it a place set apart from all the rest. 

Young violinist busking at Mamilla Mall

Girls at the Western Wall

Bread in Machane Yehuda Shuk

Father and daughter in Jewish neighbourhood

Juice vendor in Mechane Yehuda Shuk

Mounted police in Zion Square

Processional on Palm Sunday

Girls in the Jewish Quarter

Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall

Machane Yehuda Shuk

Photo Credit: Photos by Rick and Grace/KnelsenKollection.com; Precious Flemming/Debra Williams/Pieter Marais/Daniel Johnson/bridgesforpeace.com

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