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Israeli Salt Company Wins Prestigious Innovation Awards

January 21, 2015
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Photo by www.salt.co.il The Israeli company Melach Haaretz—Salt of The Earth Ltd.—Israel’s major producer of salt since 1922, won three prestigious awards at the international competition for innovation held as part of the SIAL biennial food expo. The three winning products are unique, innovative and based on natural sea salt from the Red Sea:

Wonder Salt—Based on the premise that children put too much salt on their food simply because they cannot see how much salt they use, Wonder Salt is a colorful salt allowing children to see exactly how much they have salted their food. It comes in four colors produced naturally (red from radish peels, yellow from pumpkins and safflower, orange from carrots and green from apple peels) and contains only 50% of the sodium of ordinary table salt. The product is thus a healthy, colorful and exciting addition to the diet in tune with global health trends.

Salt N’ Easy—A new cooking aid based on sea salt with herbs and seasonings intended for roasting fish, poultry and meat. These new products follow leading trends of ease of preparation and health considerations. Salt N’ Easy allows every person to cook like a chef easily and with minimal effort. All you need is a chicken (or fish) and a bag of Salt N’ Easy. Preheat an oven, take a pan, put the meat or fish in the center and pour the salt around. The salt’s natural quality of heat conductivity will create succulent dishes with a crisp outer layer—without adding oil.

Umami Salt—We all know the four basic flavors (salty, sweet, bitter and sour). Salt of The Earth presents the “fifth flavor” through a new product—the all-natural Umami Salt. This new product will enhance every dish with tomatoes (pizzas and pasta dishes), meat and cold sauces: an upgrade to home cuisine with reduced sodium, an unusual taste sensation.

Source: Press release by Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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