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Gaza–Not the Full Story

October 9, 2012
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Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Shutterstock.com

It took very little time for the Palestinians, now in full command in Gaza, to destroy much of the infrastructure left by the previous Jewish settlers. Little if anything was done to develop industry and tourism. However, the art of tunnel-making and rocket production was taken to a new level of excellence. Within a short time, rockets routinely rained down on Israeli communities all around the Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip. Hamas, who run Gaza, vowed the destruction of the State of Israel. The anti-Israel rhetoric was swallowed whole by the Western media. Everyday life in Gaza was, in the words of the Hamas leadership, “like living

Gaza as we seldom see it www.wikipedia.org

in a big concentration camp.”
Despite the rockets, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) daily facilitated the transfer of thousands of tons of goods and gas into the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians were angry that Israel wanted to examine the contents of the transfers to ensure that there were no weapons hidden in the merchandise. Even though some items with a dual purpose—such as certain fertilizers, which could be used for rocket fuel—were allowed into the Strip.

But the truth is something else.



www.israelimages.com/Yasha Mazur

In particular areas of Gaza, business is thriving. The pictures emanating from Gaza never show the reality. However the IDF Spokesman’s Unit has issued  some pictures on its Web site which show a different Gaza to that which the Hamas leadership would like the world to see.






Flickr/IDF Photostream

Source: By Edgar Asher, Ashernet

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