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Zohar: You Are Not Alone!

Christian-Jewish Relations

Jesus Who?

We live in an era of fake news, conspiracy theories and half-truths. Detractors of the State of Israel are experts in tactics of disseminating disinformation in their ongoing campaign of misrepresenting the history of the Land of Israel as a means to taint various facets of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Repeating the same lies over and

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God Revealed in Ezekiel

Political cartoonist Yaacov Kirschen used to say he was an atheist. He didn’t understand how any Jew could believe in God after the Holocaust. Years later he adjusted his statement and became an agnostic. He just didn’t know. Later, he spoke at one of our events and talked about reading the book of Ezekiel. He

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Calling Christians to Respond

Wednesday, December 6th was a momentous and long-awaited day in Jerusalem! When US President Donald Trump made his historic announcement that the United States was formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, we all rejoiced! President Trump went a step further and said that America would be moving their embassy from Tel Aviv to

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A Day in the Life of a Millennial

When I came to Israel for the first time in 2012 as a tourist, I utterly loved it. In 2013, I began living here in Jerusalem off and on. However, from the moment I experienced Jerusalem beyond the veil of tourism, my love for her began to mature. Today, even though I’m not a citizen,

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First Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast

Knesset Members and Christian leaders from around the world recently gathered in Jerusalem for the first annual Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast. A highlight was a visit to the president’s house. “This is a significant convening,” Rivlin said. “The meeting at the Knesset and here at my residence is important as we long to receive the prayers

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This Is a Day of Hope

Editor’s note: This week BFP International President and CEO, Rebecca Brimmer, spoke at a “Night to Honor Our Christian Allies” held in Jerusalem and sponsored by the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus and the World Jewish Congress. The goal of this annual event is to provide an opportunity for Israeli leaders and Jewish community leaders from

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Accidentally On-purpose Misreading Christian Documents

Dr. Faydra Shapiro is a specialist in contemporary Jewish–Christian relations, with a focus on evangelical Christian–Jewish relations, and has published and presented extensively on the topic of Christian Zionism and evangelical Christian support for Israel. In addition to being a scholar, teacher and author, Dr. Shapiro is a wife and mother, and a trusted friend

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Christian Zionism in the New Testament

Some years ago I sat listening as Rabbi Ari Abramowitz, a great friend of Bridges for Peace, explained to our group, “Naturally, Jews focus on Jewish Zionism and Christians focus on Christian Zionism, but there’s really one Zionism for all of us to focus on, and that’s biblical Zionism.” My heart was stirred that day

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Christian Zionism and the birth of Modern Israel

As Zionism continues to be the focus of a worldwide smear campaign by those who would delegitimize the state of Israel, it becomes increasingly important for Israel’s Christian friends to understand the history and foundations of this important and prophetic movement. In the last issue of this magazine, we looked at the broader picture, from Zionism’s earliest beginnings to

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Practical Models of Jewish-Christian Relations

After 26 years of living in Israel and building Jewish-Christian relations I am convinced that we must become involved in faithful action. Unfortunately much of the action the Jewish world has experienced from the Christian world is not positive. Our friend Moshe Kempinski often tells our groups “your Bible says you are supposed to be

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