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First Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast

July 5, 2017
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Knesset Members and Christian leaders from around the world recently gathered in Jerusalem for the first annual Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast.

A highlight was a visit to the president’s house. “This is a significant convening,” Rivlin said. “The meeting at the Knesset and here at my residence is important as we long to receive the prayers of Christians for Israel. Doing nothing is doing harm, and I know you will do something. Pray.”

Christian leaders came from 58 countries to pray in Jerusalem with Knesset members. The keynote speaker was US House Representative, Michelle Bachman. In addition, a number of Israeli Knesset members spoke, as well as Christian leaders, including Rebecca Brimmer, CEO of Bridges for Peace. Speaking in the Knesset, she spoke from Psalm 102—“The time to favor Zion, the set time, is now.

Photo Credit: Jerusalemprayerbreakfast.org

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