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Tiny Needle-driving robot Developed

August 8, 2005
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“For example, when a physician wants to take a biopsy, he sticks the needle into the body and extracts the biopsy,” Glozman said. “But the skin, the muscle, and the patient himself move during the process, and, therefore, it is difficult to get the needle exactly to the target. There may also be blood vessels in the way that have to be maneuvered around. Our development will solve these problems.”

Shoham said the development is in line with the trends of medical technology. “Medicine is going to be much more focused, and the demand to reach the target exactly will only increase,” he said. “Therefore, we developed this robot that works according to a mathematical model, using sensors. The robot holds and moves the base of the needle, causing it to wind around the obstacle and reach the exact target determined by the physician.”

For further information, please contact the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, Technion City, Haifa 32000, Israel Tel: 972-4-829-2079



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