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The People of the Disengagement

September 20, 2005
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Although devastated, their faith in God remains strong. Many chose to go first to the Western Wall in Jerusalem to pray. At one emotionally packed prayer time, a former Gush Katif resident cried out, “They destroyed our homes and ripped apart our fields, but they cannot destroy our spirit. It is that spirit that will ignite every part of this country.” We ask you to pray that God will encourage these people during this turbulent time in their lives.

You Can Show Your Love and Support

Perhaps you want to show Christian love and help in a tangible way. We are receiving many requests for assistance right now. Sadly, our budgets are stretched and unable to meet the many needs. Your donation can make a difference in these difficult days when people have been evicted from their homes. To make a donation, go to www.bridgesforpeace.com.

By Rebecca J. Brimmer

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