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Shuka Dorfman’s Legacy

September 16, 2014
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Shuka Dorfman
IAA Director General
The director general of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) for the past fourteen years, Shuka Dorfman, recently passed away following a serious illness. Dorfman was a former Israeli military attaché and a top IDF artillery officer with the rank of Brigadier-General. He was elected to head the IAA in November 2000. Despite not having any archaeological training, he completely transformed the IAA. So successful were his achievements that his tenure as director general was extended twice.

He well understood the importance of archaeology to the Jewish people and increased the authority's rate of rescue excavations to balance archaeological needs with those of development. Dorfman rapidly developed archaeological sites for public access. Among his achievements was the inclusion of sites like Masada, Akko and the Spice Route as World Heritage sites. Another of his accomplishments was to make available access, via computer, to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Source: Excerpts of article by Edgar Asher, Ashernet

Photo Credit: Ashernet

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