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Protection from Underwater Threats

September 14, 2010
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DSIT offers various configurations of below-water electronic detectors designed to protect bays, harbors, and ocean-based installations (like oil rigs), piers, ports and energy terminals. While it's difficult to detect a small motorboat or other craft in a large area of water, it's almost impossible to detect scuba divers, who usually use a Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV), a midget submersible designed to transport swimmers from an underwater combat unit over long distances.

Divers travel either outside or inside these ”pods,“ which also carry equipment. Sophisticated SDVs may even contain detection systems to alert divers to the presence of security. Using sonar and other detectors, DSIT's flagship AquaShield Diver Detection Sonar alerts security personnel the minute an underwater perimeter has been breached, giving them maximum warning time to respond to a threat. A full AquaShield package includes sonar detectors, above-water day and night cameras, electronic alarms, and other bells and whistles.

It's the sonar that's at the heart of the system, DSIT's business development manager Brandy Ben-Yosef tellsISRAEL21c. “Our sonar technology has the longest range of any on the market, making it perfect for the distance detection AquaShield offers,” she asserts. For more information: www.dsit.co.il; [email protected]

Source: Excerpts from an article by David Shamah, www.israel21c.org

Photo Credit: www.dsit.co.il

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