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Pa TV Continues Incitement Against Israel and the U.S.

August 8, 2005
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Therefore, the speech was essentially broadcast and financed by the PA, whose leader, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), has repeatedly stated his commitment to eliminate incitement against Israel and the U.S.

“Our enemy has become strong and fed on us like prey in our lands, in the East and in the West, because we are weak, and our only strength lies in the Koran,” Mudayris said in his speech.

Mudayris also declared that the “enemy” had deliberately tried to cause “civil war” among the Arab world. Abu Mazen himself recently told Egyptian journalists that any attempts to rein in terror groups would lead to “civil war.” The Islamic preacher did not mention America and Israel by name, referring only to these countries as the “occupiers.” The term “occupiers” is a word used in the Muslim world for both the U.S. and Israel, whose forces are respectively called the “American occupation army” and the “Israeli occupation army.”

Widlanski claims that Abu Mazen has shown “intermittent restraint” regarding the broadcasts immediately following Israeli or American pressure. While most “martyr” films have been removed from PA TV, there has been a “parallel promotion of atrocity stories about Israelis deliberately murdering Palestinian children.”

Furthermore, Widlanski adds, “There has been an increase in the use of certain code words, such as ‘resistance operations’ and ‘martyrs,’ that glorify, rather than condemn, certain attacks on Israeli targets.”

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