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Netanyahu Speaks

April 1, 2011
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…on Democratic Values

“Israel is a democracy and supports the advance of liberal and democratic values in the Middle East. The advancement of those values is good for peace. But if extremist forces are allowed to exploit democratic processes to come to power to advance anti-democratic goals—as has happened in Iran and elsewhere—the outcome will be bad for peace and bad for democracy.”

…on Repressive Radical Islamic Regimes

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with German Chancellor Angela Merkel “Our most serious concern is that in a situation of rapid revolutions, and in the absence of the foundations of modern democracy, what could emerge, and has already emerged in a number of countries, including Iran, are repressive radical Islamic regimes that suppress human rights, allow no freedoms and no rights and also pose a terrible threat to the peace, stability and interests of all civilized people.”

—In a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel

…on Stalled Negotiations with the Palestinians

Netanyahu with Israeli Cabinet “We must have security foundations in any agreement we reach. We can’t sign a peace deal, close our eyes, and that's it. We need solid security arrangements, because peace can also unravel. There can be governmental changes, and therefore, the government's policy is to secure arrangements of peace and security that will guarantee stability in case peace unravels.”

—At a weekly Cabinet meeting after riots in Tunisia

Photo License: Photos by Isranet

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