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Life-Saving Cardiac Surgery

September 9, 2015
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An Israeli medical team recently returned home from Tanzania after performing life-saving cardiac surgery on ten children and treating hundreds more, according to The Jerusalem Post.

“An Israeli delegation of 20 doctors, nurses and medical technicians has returned from Tanzania after performing lifesaving heart surgery on more than 10 local children and examining hundreds more with congenital heart defects.

“Headed by surgeon Lior Sasson, the team was in Africa for a week to examine, treat and operate on children in Dar es Salaam. Also on board was a young surgeon from Ethiopia whose name was given as Dr. Yaio. He has been undergoing advanced training at the Holon Hospital in Israel, and in another three years he will return to Ethiopia to work as his country’s first pediatric cardiac surgeon.

Source: Excerpts of article by The Israel Project in The Tower

Photo Credit: www.saveachildsheart.com

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