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Jews and Christians Study Scriptures Together

September 9, 2015
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The Land of Israel is the stage on which the majority of events in the Bible play out. In June, the first International Bible Study Week brought Jews and Christians to the Land where it all began; to study the Scriptures together in its natural arena of origin.

The week, which included a number of study lectures and excursions to the various biblical places of interest in and around Jerusalem, was aimed at helping participants “uncover the realism, tradition, and enduring practice of the Bible while being immersed in the land that nourished the Jewish and Christian faiths.”

The event catered to “people of faith from different backgrounds” and made for a diverse mix of participants, from nuns in traditional habit to kippa-wearing men. Lecturers and speakers chosen to address the conference drew from an equally diverse pool of backgrounds, beliefs and geographic locations. The panel included professors, tour guides, Orthodox rabbis and clergy from Europe, North America and Israel.

“It is such a wonderful thing, after all the history that we have all experienced to have such a bond,” said Oded Peles. “People studying the Bible together with no prejudices, in an environment where everyone is equal.”

The goal that stands at the heart of the program is offering participants a glimpse of the life and vigor of studying the Bible in its original habitat. It also highlights the importance of visiting Israel and understanding the original environment and culture to grasp the biblical text. Moreover, the program clearly illustrates the common bond that unites Jews and Christians.

Source: Excerpts of article by Ilse Posselt, Bridges for Peace

Photo Credit: Lincoln Rogers/shutterstock.com

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