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Israel’s Diversified Knesset

July 1, 2020

by: Rebecca J. Brimmer, Bridges for Peace

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The newly formed 23rd Knesset (Parliament) of Israel is well diversified, including representation from various religions like Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Druze.  Immigrants are also well represented, and 24% of the Knesset members are female.  Ages range from 36 to 71, with the average age being 54. 

The government coalition has 73 members from 7 parties: Likud, Blue and White, Shas, United Torah Judaism, Derech Eretz, Gesher and Labor. The cabinet has 34 ministers, including 8 women. Previously, the highest number of women in the Knesset was four. About half of the ministers will be first-timers. 

We encourage all our readers to pray for wisdom for Israel’s two leaders: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Alternate Prime Minister Benjamin Gantz.

Photo Credit: Sarah Yoder/bridgesforpeace.com

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