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Israel’s Anti-Done Technology Protecting Sites Worldwide

December 22, 2020

by: Ilse Strauss, Bridges for Peace

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The advancement of modern technology often presents humanity with a catch-22 situation. On the one hand, new inventions provide solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. On the other, these novel discoveries also introduce a new set of problems that require innovative solutions.

Take drones, for example. These nifty unmanned aerial devices open up a new world of possibilities by slashing costs, eliminating the human risk factor, advancing reach and mobility and enhancing intelligence gathering abilities. On the flip side, drones are the perfect vehicle to carry dangerous payloads, such as surveillance cameras, weapons, explosives or chemical and biological agents to unsuspecting targets like large crowds, individual marks, sensitive infrastructure such as airports and chemical plants, or army personnel, bunkers and tanks on the battlefield.

Israel’s Drone Guard offers a comprehensive solution to all aspects of this multilevel threat. The brainchild of ELTA Systems, a division of IAI [Israel Aerospace Industries], the system’s ability to locate, track, verify, identify, classify and ultimately neutralize a drone, the Drone Guard is fast becoming the first choice of many international sensitive sites, particularly airports.

The Drone Guard was unveiled in 2015 and has sold hundreds of units in 100 countries during the first year. However, ELTA Systems continued its research, with updated versions seeing the light.

“The drone business is like smartphones—there are always new models and new threats, and we must adapt,” Sarig Lev, business development manager for drones and anti-drone solutions at ELTA Systems, told Israel21c.

According to Lev, the 3D X-band radar featured in the latest generation Drone Guard is what sets the system apart. “It sees all movement in the sky and distinguishes drones from birds, for example,” Israel21c quoted him as saying.   

The Drone Guard currently protects international airports in Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia. The system also guarded Argentina’s G-20 summit and the Youth Olympic Games in 2018. 

Photo Credit: Laurent Schmidt/pixabay.com

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