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Israeli Technology Makes the Internet a Safe Space for Families

January 11, 2022

by: Ilse Strauss, Bridges for Peace

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The Internet is an invaluable resource for young minds. From homework assignments and research for school projects to staying in touch with friends and social media, the Internet plays an increasingly prominent role in the lives of our children and grandchildren. Yet the digital world is also fraught with lurking darkness, with pornography threatening to corrupt and enslave unsuspecting, innocent minds.

There’s good news for parents facing the daunting task of guaranteeing a safe Internet experience for their families. Canopy, a Texas-based tech company, utilizes groundbreaking Israeli artificial intelligence to detect and block pornography, nudity and explicit content with a staggering 99.7% accuracy, insulating children from the harm while still allowing full access to safe content.

Many of the conventional protection apps on the market today may miss pornographic images posted on so-called safe websites or overlook new explicit sites that haven’t been flagged yet. Others are not equipped to protect from websites that feature a mix of safe and toxic content. Canopy is the only tool of its kind that circumvents these dangerous loopholes.

“Thanks to cutting-edge technology developed in Israel, our software is able to scan Internet traffic within browsers in real-time and block explicit content before it appears on the screen,” explains Canopy CEO Sean Clifford. “More specifically, this permits us to catch pornography that other tools miss and to filter within websites, delivering the good without the bad.”

The Israeli technology behind the Canopy app was developed 13 years ago by Rabbi Moshe Weiss, an Orthodox Jew, as a tool to allow his community to enjoy the benefits of the Internet while protecting them from the harm. The technology has since been adapted for use in 90% of Israeli schools to protect two million smartphones, tablets and computers. Canopy was started two years ago to bring the Israeli technology to the US market.

Photo Credit: Yiorgos GR/shutterstock.com

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