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Israel, We Are with You!

November 9, 2023
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We bid farewell to 2023 and step into 2024 in the shadow of the October 7 massacre. So instead of general wishes of love and joy, the Bridges for Peace volunteers want to use this opportunity to tell Israel in their own words that whatever comes, whatever happens—good or bad—we are with you.

Michio Nagata/bridgesforpeace.com“It is my prayer that 2024 will be a year of peace and that the Lord would redeem the past. May He protect and watch over you like the apple of His eye and guard you under the shadow of His almighty wings.”
—Stefan Bergen, Canada

“My prayer is that in the aftermath of the brokenness and trauma Israel and her people experienced on October 7, 2023, they would feel love and support from millions of Christians around the world who stand with them and weep with them. I pray that the reality of this global Christian love would lead to healing and strength for Israel.”
—Peter Fast, Canada

“I want to express my love and support for the people of Israel. These last few months have been difficult. I am praying for every family in Israel. I pray that they will have peace and comfort. The resilience and strength of the Israeli people have been incredible. I have seen communities band together to support one another in times of pain. I will continue to support Israel,from here in Jerusalem or back in Ireland.”
—Sarah Flanagan, Ireland

“May the Holy One, blessed be He, destroy your enemies before your eyes, bringing true peace to the Land He has promised you. May the hearts of the entire nation be turned to Him in gratitude and in joy. May He rescue those who are in captivity and restore them in peace; may He remove from them the pain of both body and spirit and restore to them the joy of His salvation. We will stand with you as partners, brothers and friends as He heals your land, and may He lead us forth—Jews and Christians together—making the world a better, safer place for all mankind.”
—Cheryl Hauer, United States

“I came to Israel in September, and just as I was finally getting used to life here, I heard my first alert warning of a missile on the morning of October 7. Then I saw the shocking news of a terrorist attack by Hamas. My heart broke when I saw the unbelievably tragic news. But I know that in the end, the God of Israel will prevail. Also, I am grateful to be able to volunteer in Israel at this time. I pray that the nation, land and people of Israel will be blessed even more abundantly in 2024. May His joy, grace and peace be with you now and evermore!”
—Sayaka Iha, Japan

Michio Nagata/bridgesforpeace.com“Israel, you are relevant as a nation until the end! God says He is for you (Ezek. 36:9) and that you are His special treasure (Deut. 14:2). He tells you not to fear because He will help you (Isa. 42:12b–13). Israel, you are not alone. We are here to pray for you, to comfort you and to support and help you. We stand with the God of Israel, therefore, wherever we stand, we stand with Israel.”
—Eddelene Marais, South Africa

“As we move into 2024, our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers are with Israel and its people. We pray for the ongoing strength and resilience of the Jewish nation as it continues to be a beacon of hope and humanity during these troubled times.”
—April Roberts, Australia

“Israel, you are a blessing and a light to the world and to me. Part of my heart is forever yours. I pray your light shines all the brighter in this time. I know HaShem will bless you and keep you. His face is always shining upon you.”
—Jo Sarah Stanford, Australia

“In whatever Israel and the Jewish people face, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with you. We will not turn back. We will not step down. Our common values, based on a shared and sacred text, hold us together. Chazak, chazak, v’nitchazek. Be strong, be strong, and let us strengthen one another.”
—Terry Mason, United States

“Four-and-a-half years ago, we came to Israel to volunteer with Bridges for Peace. During that time, Israel and her people have become a part of our hearts. We came because we wanted to show practical support, however, we have also received so much from the people we have come to love and learned so much from the culture we have been a part of. We have heard so many people’s stories and each one has shown that God is doing a miracle here which is still unfolding. We came believing that Israel has a significant part to play in God’s ongoing story, but now we have heard it with our own ears and seen it with our own eyes. We continue to stand in support of Israel and pray that all God’s promises and purposes will be fulfilled through and in the face of all adversity.”
—Gill Stary, United Kingdom

I pray that you will know continued protection through 2024 under the hand of the Almighty God, that He will cover you with His wings, strengthen the bars of your gates, and grant you peace in your borders. We bless you and stand with you from the UK.”
—Hugh Stary, United Kingdom

“October 7 was not our tragedy. And we don’t pretend to know your pain and horror. We can’t fight this physical battle with you. But this we can offer: we are right next to you, cheering you on, advocating for you and praying for you. We will not quit, we will not leave you once the going gets tough and we won’t be silent, even if it makes us unpopular. May the year ahead finally bring an end to those who come against you. May you be able to enjoy the land God gave you as a promise. May you know rest, prosperity and peace.”
Michio Nagata/bridgesforpeace.com—Henry Strauss, Namibia

“God loves Israel. I’m praying for the healing of those who suffered in this war. May God bless you and your family with an abundance of love, joy, health, prosperity and shalom. May God strengthen you to overcome, preserve and prosper.”
—Shiho Yasuda, Japan

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