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Indoctrinated for Hate and Death

December 22, 2020
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The Palestinian powers-that-be are masters of doublespeak, adapting their message to stir the emotions of the audience they happen to address. When the audience is the United Nations, international funding agencies, the world media or English-speaking college students, the message is one of harmony, painting the Palestinian people as a victimized, misunderstood group yearning for the opportunity to live in peaceful coexistence alongside their Jewish neighbors.

When the audience is their fellow Palestinians, the message of peace morphs into a malicious clarion call to shun compromise, normalization and coexistence in favor of continued hatred, terror and bloodshed.

Tragically, the message is particularly pronounced when addressing the Palestinian youth. Using popular Palestinian television programs and the Palestinian school curriculum as mouthpieces, children are raised on a steady diet of distortions, half-truths and outright lies to ingrain the demonization of Israelis and Jews, the glorification of terrorism and martyrdom, the outright rejection of Israel’s right to exist and a culture of victimhood so deeply into their psyche that they have no choice but to carry the baton of violence, strife and death for yet another generation.

Israel’s fourth prime minister, Golda Meir, famously said: “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.” Along the same line, it is equally true that peace will not come as long as Palestinian children are brainwashed to hate.

The Message of Hate

“The education of the younger Palestinian generation prepares it consciously for a continuous and long-range confrontation against the State of Israel in order to achieve the final goal, which is the establishment of the State of Palestine that will stretch on the entire territory of the Land of Israel. There is no trace in the schoolbooks of the argumentation disseminated by the PA in the international arena that the PA is committed to ‘a just peace’ based on the two-state solution.”
—Dr. Arnon Groiss in “Israel, Jews and Peace in Palestinian Authority Schoolbooks and Teacher’s Guides,” a review of Palestinian school textbooks conducted for the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

“[The occupier] has built for himself an artificial entity that derives its identity and the legitimacy of its existence from tales, legends and false visions, and has tried through various methods and ways to create live material evidence for these legends, or archaeological and architectural proofs that would confirm their truth and substantiality, but in vain.”
—A Grade 10 Arabic language textbook used to educate the Palestinian youth denies all Jewish ties to the Land of Israel.

“Jerusalem is an Arab city built by our Arab ancestors thousands of years ago. Jerusalem is a holy city to Muslims and Christians.”
—A Grade 3 textbook used in Palestinian schools denies any Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

“Jerusalem was very important and the goal of our leader…The children declare…their insistence on their presence in Jerusalem, the restoration of all Jerusalem, and Allah willing, the liberation of Jerusalem from the occupation. Allah willing, one day, my children friends, our entire land will return to us…Allah willing we are continuing on the same path [of Arafat], my friends, until we restore our land.”
—Popular Palestinian Authority (PA) children’s television host Walaa Al-Battat assures her young viewers that it is only a matter of time before Israel in its entirety is replaced by a Palestinian state.

“Unfortunately—and this is a very painful thing that I want to tell you about—a number of friends have lost their right to live because the occupation is deliberately killing the Palestinian children.”
—Popular PA children’s television host Walaa Al-Battat instills fear into the hearts of Palestinian children on a special International Children’s Day edition of The Best Home.

“The Palestinian children are being subjected to random summary executions, and there is no security for their lives that are threatened by danger at every moment. Every one of them—on the road or at home—is a candidate to be the next martyr.”
—An official PA TV news reporter spreading lies

“The question of incitement to the murder of Jews in the school curriculum in the PA and Gaza is not just a matter of changing a couple of textbook paragraphs here or a few sentences there. The curriculum reflects an ingrained culture of militant jihadism and extreme nationalism in which there is no room for the Jewish state to exist.”
—Judith Bergman, a fellow with Haym Salomon Center, summarizes the tragic reality.

 The Bitter Fruit of Indoctrination

“This is my country, its borders are [set by] the blood of the Palestinian martyr. History bears witness to us…Palestine, my land, will remain decorated. My land—from Aqaba [a Jordanian city next to Israel southernmost city, Eilat] to Rosh HaNikra [Israel’s northernmost point].”
—The lyrics of a popular music video on official PA TV using children to promote the ideal of dying as martyrs for “Palestine” and Israel disappearing altogether  

“His mother promised him a gift…The boy wondered in excitement: ‘Is it a toy?’ His mother approached him with a glowing look while carrying the gift. He looked, and it was a rifle! He shouted loudly: ‘O Mommy! Mommy! What is this? Is this the gift?’ She picked him up, hugged him, and said: ‘My son, we were not created for happiness. In my eyes you are meant for martyrdom!” Jerusalem is ours, our weapon is our Islam, and our ammunition is our children. And you, O my son, are meant for martyrdom.”
—A chilling poem read by a young Palestinian girl on radio

“My purpose is not to be wounded but something more sublime—martyrdom.”
—Ramahan Sahadi Abed Rabbah, 13, tells Al-Hayat why he chooses to participate in clashes with soldiers

“We are all potential martyrs for Jerusalem and the homeland.”
—An 11-year-old Palestinian boy wounded in clashes with Israeli soldiers quoted in Al-Hayat

“Our blood is a sign of our fighting for our precious Palestine.”
—A Palestinian teacher proudly spewing an ideology of death as he stands next to pupils

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